Everybody knows someone that games. Indeed, the gaming industry is growing at such a fast rate almost nobody can believe it. This is happening all around the world and it may reach over $300 billion by 2025, with billions of players all around the world enjoying a virtual experience every day. But, what is the gaming industry like in Canada? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Players Love Games in Canada

Gaming is becoming very popular in Canada and the industry does not look like it is going to slow down anytime soon. People are playing on all types of devices. Every type is experiencing amazing growth. We are talking about playing console games, as well as playing PC games on the internet.

Why Canada Loves Games

So why is Canada experiencing an explosion of gaming? There are likely many reasons for this. Generally, more people are spending time at home. They are turning to technology to keep them occupied. So, to have some fun, they are playing video games. Modern games allow a lot of versatility, which Canadians love. For example, you can play on your own at any time you want. Alternatively, you can play online and with a group of friends.

The great thing about gaming in the 21st century is that you have a lot of freedom. There are so many games you can choose from that there is something for everyone. What’s more, some games mean that you do not have to leave your house to have fun. For example, there has been a huge increase in Canadians enjoying casino games. A lot of players are enjoying the fact that they can play their favourite card and table games from home, as well as pull the lever on a slot machine. In particular, gamers like how many promotions and deals are on offer when they play. This can make games more fun, as well as more profitable.

Trends in the Gaming Industry

There are some particular trends that are emerging in the gaming industry that should be recognized. They are taking place all over the world and this is also happening in Canada. Let’s take a look at them in some more detail.

Increased Mobile Use

More people than ever before are using their smartphones for gaming. This is something that has emerged in the last few years, with more mobile games available. So, players that enjoy PC and console games are now enjoying mobile games too. But, there are also people that do not normally game that are playing with their smartphones.

There are many reasons for increased mobile use. For example, smartphones and games are better quality than they have been before. This means that the gaming experience has improved and there is a variety of popular games on smartphone to enjoy. This includes big titles that everybody knows on other devices.

More Streaming

Live streaming games are very popular. For example, a lot of people like to record themselves playing games, as well as watching other people play their favourites. It has become a whole new thing in the gaming industry. In addition, online casinos are now offering live streams of popular table games too. For example, players can enjoy having live elements to their playing experience, which can create more authenticity and fun.

Use of Augmented Reality

Every year, the gaming industry has to improve so that players are happy. In the age of technology, people expect the best experience. This has led to the emergence of augmented reality. So, what exactly is augmented reality? Well, it is able to create an interactive experience for players, creating a real-world environment that they can enjoy for gaming. A game that used augmented reality very successfully was Pokémon Go. This allowed players to enjoy a virtual world in a very unique way.

The Emergence of Virtual Reality

Again, players are looking to enjoy virtual worlds and escape from reality for a while. This has led to virtual reality being used in the gaming industry. This often involves using headsets and some famous models you may have heard about before including Oculus Rift. When players have this equipment, they can be transported into a whole new world like they are in the game.

More Free-to-Play Games

Several years ago, you had to purchase every game before you could play. This was true whether you bought a CD game or if you bought the game on the internet. There was always a price tag attached. But, things started to change recently. Now, there is a lot of free-to-play game models going around. In other words, players could enjoy the games for free. It was free to register and a lot of the content was available without having to pay any amount of money. For example, Fortnite is an example of an exceptionally popular free-to-play model.

Of course, this is a trend that a lot of players benefit from. They do not have to spend a penny to play. But, not a lot of people realize that free-to-play games are actually very profitable. The reason this happens is because players are able to make in-game purchases. They are more likely to do this when a game is free-to-play in the first place. The purchases are not normally expensive, which means players make them frequently and do not feel like they are spending a lot of money. What’s more, they can enhance gameplay.

Will the Gaming Industry Continue to Grow?

It does not look like the gaming industry or Canada is going to slow down any time soon. The statistics find that it is likely the gaming industry will continue to grow for many years to come. All of the trends we have spoken about, such as virtual reality and free-to-play games are likely to drive excitement and not slow down the growth. Indeed, it is likely that new trends are going to merge every few months that will be interesting to keep up with.



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