It’s easy to see that gaming has become much more than what it once was. The low graphics, corny storylines, and simple gameplay mechanics we all initially fell in love with have now transformed into realistic canvases, rich stories, and complicated movements that are near impossible to achieve by button mashing. PC isn’t the only platform that gives us a chance to play these games now though. Smartphones have become a fierce competitor when it comes to gaming platforms, so if you’re itching for something fun to play, here are the best games that work on both platforms. 

Jackpot Games

Casino games have been around for a long, long time now, and thanks to technology, they’ve adapted to the times better than ever. Players can now find legendary classic casino games like Blackjack, Poker, slots, and Baccarat online and play them through their phones and computers. What’s better, visiting an online casino to play these games means you can take advantage of an excellent casino bonus CA! These boosts make the overall casino experience much more exciting, giving you a chance to extend your playtime and try out more games.


If you aren’t familiar with Fortnite by now, then you’ve most likely been living under a rock. Fortnite is an insanely popular addition to the recently booming Battle Royale genre that took the world by storm. Players get the chance to face off against dozens of others in an arena, fighting to be the last person standing. The fun gameplay elements of Fortnite made it an instant hit, especially with the younger generation. Luckily for fans, the game can be accessed through PC, mobile, and multiple gaming consoles!

What makes Fortnite’s cross-platform system even better is the online integration. It’s one thing to have a game optimized for multiple platforms, but a whole other thing to connect them. Fortnite’s cross-platform system allows online play between these different devices, meaning that mobile, PC, and console users can join the same battlefield and face off against each other!


If you’re a fan of Blizzard’s Warcraft franchise, then you’re going to love Hearthstone. The collectible card game Hearthstone features our favourite characters from the world of Warcraft, taking an even deeper dive into the lore of the Warcraft universe and making it come alive in strategic card duels. Hearthstone had a massive player base before it even launched, but now it’s surpassed everyone’s expectations! Millions of players worldwide can enjoy the game on PC, Android, and iOS while building the perfect set to defeat their opponents.

Teamfight Tactics (League of Legends)

With the popularity of auto chess games on the rise over the past couple of years, the gaming giant Riot decided to expand their brand and launch a League of Legends-inspired auto chess title, Teamfight Tactics. The game features a slew of characters from the League of Legends games and incorporates complex gameplay that players might need some help with to master. Players can find the game on both iOS and Android as Teamfight Tactics. On PC, the game is a part of the classic League of Legends client where players can launch it.

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