Online casino gaming is incredibly popular in Canada and, if variety if the spice of life, then Canadians like their gaming spicy! The huge range of online games enjoyed in Canada this year indicates that the hobby covers a huge spectrum of interests, that this shows no signs of abating. Sports betting remains popular in Canada, but traditional casino table games modernised for an online arena are also of huge interest. From sites offering 10 tips to help you win at Roulette for roulette fans to innovative technology to enhance game play for fans for slots, here is a full breakdown of Canada’s most popular online casino games this year, and how the industry has changed and developed: 

Picking the Right Game

One of the reasons that Canada’s gambling industry is so robust is because it is so secure, putting players’ minds at ease. Online casinos that are operated from within Canadian borders are both owned and operated by the Canadian government. Almost all other online casinos that can be accessed in Canada are licensed by one or both of the two strictest regulators in the industry: the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This information should be easily accessible on the website. After ensuring that the casino that they wish to play at is appropriately licensed, and that it offers high levels of encryption and privacy, most Canadian gamblers will look for one of the following types of games:

  • Online Slots
  • Online Roulette
  • Table Games, such as Poker or Blackjack
  • Live Casino Games

These are the most popular online casino games in Canada, and they consistently receive the most search traffic from gamblers looking to access new sites. 

A Picture of Gambling in Canada in 2021

According to Talk Business, Canada boasts some of its most open gambling promotion laws globally and , despite the huge advancements in online gaming technology and the advent of mobile gaming (and all the convenience that accompanies this), traditional table games, such as the kinds of games that you would find in a land-based casino, remain the most popular in Canada. 

In 2019, the Canadian gambling industry was worth an incredible 14.72 billion U.S. dollars, which represented a peak after year on year increases since 2016. For obvious reasons, 2020 represents an unnatural blip on the spectrum when analysing statistics in all industries, but preliminary figures for 2021 suggest that the upward trend will continue. It’s important to note that the companies holding the largest market share of the gambling industry in Canada are state owned; this is a process that allows Canadians to adopt a more balanced, even-handed approach to gambling. Gambling laws in Canada are incredibly flexible, but they always keep the overall wellbeing and mental health of their citizens in mind, which is why the country has such a healthy relationship with the fast-developing world of online gambling. 


Whether you’re drawn to traditional table games such as roulette or poker, or are more interested in modern and technologically focused digital slot games and real-time dealer options, you’ll find all of these possibilities available in casinos in Canada. Online casino gaming is well regulated in the country, meaning that consumers can be reassured that the games they are playing will be safe and secure. Canada is an incredibly diverse country, and that diversity is also reflected in its online gambling arena; Canada seems to have found the perfect approach to online gambling for its citizens, and this is reflected in the growth of the sector. 



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