Are you scared to go into the basement because it’s full of junk? I think it’s time you get rid of everything, which means you’ll have an empty room just sitting there. You will finally be able to turn it into something beautiful.

Ask everyone in your family what they’d like to do with the basement. If you get started soon, you’ll finish it before spring arrives. Here are a few cool ideas to get your imagination running wild.

1. Create A Wine Cellar

If you enjoy the taste of wine, you’ll love having a wine cellar at home. It’s supposed to be kept under the ground anyway. Make sure you have a table and chairs in the basement where you can hold wine-tasting parties.

Chill out with your friends at the weekend while your children watch TV upstairs. It’s a good excuse to start collecting rare wines from across the world. Just make sure you keep the best ones for special occasions.

2. Build A Relaxation Room

It might be too much to build a swimming pool when you’re carrying out basement renovations, but a relaxation room is the next best thing. You can install a hot tub, infrared sauna, and sensory deprivation tank.

When you’re tired after a long day at work, it’s the perfect place to spend your night. Tubs, saunas, and tanks also come with dozens of health benefits. Everyone in your family will go to bed stress-free every night.

3. A Soundproof Music Room

It’s difficult to turn the volume up too loud when you’re listening to music. You can expect one of the neighbours to call the police, and they’ll end up knocking on your door. Luckily, there is a way to crank up the volume.

Turn your old basement into a soundproof music room. You’ll be able to relax while listening to music that might burst your eardrums. You can also use a soundproof room to play video games with the volume up.

4. Spend Time Creating Art

Artists shouldn’t be forced to sit at the dining room table when they’re drawing/painting. If you love creating masterpieces, you should do it inside your very own art studio. You’ll have lots of room to express yourself freely.

It’s the perfect place to create large sculptures if you don’t want to get the rest of your home messy. Fill the room with large computer screens if you’re into graphic design. Create whatever kind of art makes you feel alive.

5. Big Game-Day Theatre Room

If you love watching football, you should start watching it in style. Get the biggest television that will fit on your basement wall. Have you ever seen a wide receiver catch a ball on a screen big enough for a movie theater?

All your family will be able to sit on the couch cheering on your team every week. Watch all your favorite sports in the room. On the weekends, you can watch the best TV shows and movies on Netflix instead of going out.

It’s Worth It In The End

I know it’s going to be a few months before you can enjoy your new room, but it will be worth it in the end. Start your renovation project as soon as you decide what to create.



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Joel Levy