It’s been almost impossible to throw a decent bachelor party in the last few years, but it won’t be long until they come back with a bang. Spend time planning the perfect party now, which will guarantee it goes off without a hitch.

Have you spent much time thinking about what you’re going to do? It’s the perfect way to banish those pandemic blues, so you better make it a good one. Let’s look at some bachelor party ideas that will blow everyone away.

1. Visit A Smash Room

If you want to release a little energy, you should visit a smash room before going clubbing at night. Someone will fill a room with lots of glass, electronics, appliances, and other crap. You’ll also get some bats and axes.

The aim of the game is to smash up everything inside the room until it’s completely destroyed. You will feel like you’ve just gone twelve rounds with Mike Tyson by the time you’ve finished. Thankfully, someone else will clean it all up.

2. Hire A Fancy Boat

Every time you open the newspapers, you see millionaires chilling on fancy yachts in the Mediterranean Sea. I doubt you’ll be able to afford a luxury yacht, but you can still hire a boat for the day at Lake Ontario.

There is something special about drinking ice-cold beers while surrounded by water. It’s dangerous when you’re drinking and boating laws will keep you safe. Once you get back on dry land, you can hit a nightclub.

3. Beating An Escape Room

Escape rooms are a great way to send your brain into overdrive. Do you think you would be able to escape from a room before you die by solving difficult puzzles? At least you’ll have your bachelor party friends to help out.

If you love video games with lots of puzzles, an escape room will feel like the best night out ever. Not only is it extremely challenging, but some people will find it scary. Wait until you’ve finished before you start drinking.

4. Go Skydiving Indoors

Jumping out of an airplane is risky because something could always go wrong, but you can still experience skydiving if you’re scared. Indoor skydiving facilities use wind tunnels to throw you up into the air.

You will feel like you’re a superhero flying through the sky as the wind smashes into your face. Most places will let you fly for around sixty seconds, and you will definitely hit the nightclubs with a lot more confidence.

5. Tasty Craft Beer Tour

In the past, people didn’t really have much choice when it came to beers. Now there are millions of craft beers on sale around the world, and Toronto has a few good ones. Once you taste them, you’ll fall in love with each one.

A craft beer tour is the best way to find your favorite fast. Not only is it a great way to spend time with friends, but you’ll walk out a little tipsy. Just make sure you’re able to stand for the nighttime activities.

Make Sure It’s Perfect

Most people don’t get to experience too many bachelor parties in their lifetime, so make sure you throw the perfect party.



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