If you’re used to scrubbing floors with a mop and bucket, you’ve probably thought about investing in a floor scrubber. Don’t waste more time thinking about it. Cleaning floors with a scrubber is a hundred times better.

A mop and bucket have their benefits, but they’re not so good in large spaces. Let’s look at some of the main benefits you’ll get from a floor scrubber. I’m sure you’ll want to invest in one as soon as possible.

1. You’ll Finish Much Quicker

If you have a business in a populated area, you’ll want to finish quicker. In Toronto GTA floor scrubbers will help you finish before you annoy too many customers, which wouldn’t happen with a mop and bucket.

When cleaning with a basic mop and bucket, you’ll only cover around 5,000 square feet per hour. Even if you only have a small floor scrubber, you can do five times that much. Just use the mop to reach nooks and crannies.

2. It Doesn’t Use Dirty Water

When using a standard mop and bucket to clean your floors, you’ll be putting the mop into dirty water all the time. Even though your floors will look clean, it’s not very hygienic to clean floors with dirty water.

If you buy a good bucket with two different compartments it’s not so bad. It’s still not as good as a professional floor scrubber. You’ll always be using clean water on the floors because old water will go into a tank.

3. You Don’t Need To Dry Floor

You need to be very careful when you’re walking past someone with a mop and bucket. If the floor is slippery enough, you might find yourself falling down. The floor will still be soaking wet once it’s been mopped.

It’s completely different when you’re cleaning with a floor scrubber. The ground will be dry thanks to the squeegee and vacuum system. You can still put signs up to warm people, but it’s unlikely they’ll fall down.

4. It’s Easier On Your Body

It’s easy to push a floor scrubber around for hours. You don’t even need to break into a sweat because the machine will do everything. You just need to make sure it’s going in the right direction, so it doesn’t hit the wall.

When you’re scrubbing for hours with a mop and bucket, it’s going to hurt. You’ll be tired by the time you’ve finished cleaning the floor. It’s okay doing it for a day, but over the years it’s going to damage your body.

5. It’s Better For Your Brand

You want to look good when customers walk into your business. If people think you’re a more professional company, they’re more likely to come back. Everyone is going to love the fact you’re using a floor scrubber.

If you’re cleaning floors with a mop and bucket, customers might think you’re cheap. Or less successful than you actually are. They won’t appreciate having to walk around someone swinging a mop around the floor.

You Need A Mop And Bucket

You will still need a mop and bucket because floor scrubbers won’t be able to go everywhere, but it’s a good idea to invest in a machine.



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Joel Levy