Have you found yourself stuck inside without any idea of what you could possibly do to pass the time and get rid of that agonising boredom? Not to worry, you’re most definitely not alone. Especially now that the whole world has to deal with all kinds of unforeseen quarantine restrictions and social distancing methods, many of us are facing larger amounts of time inside than we have ever needed to spend before, which is why a lot of us are ending up not knowing what we could possibly do to not end up sleeping for 20 hours a day or bingeing Netflix series unproductively for the greater part of the day. Luckily, we’ve piled up some things one could do from the comfort of their own home, to hopefully cut out some of that nasty boredom and make time feel like it’s not being wasted.

Learning a musical instrument

Music is not only a fun thing to learn, it can be massively rewarding and therapeutic, in order to help you make your daily stresses fly away. Playing a musical instrument puts you into a meditation-like state where you forget about everything and focus on just one thing, and that is the sounds you’re making. Not only can you build yourself a nice talent to show off to your friends, you could also market your own music and potentially earn some extra money playing live around bars, restaurants and other entertainment based establishments. If you want to take it another step forward, once you’ve mastered your instrument, you could even start or join a band, which could potentially change your life, if you build it with the right people.

Playing a board game 

If you come from a rather basic family household, you probably have a cupboard or unit which is filled to the brim with board games. Some are simple and easy while others are highly strategic and require a lot of thought and skill in order to win. Board games might look like a fun way to burn time straight off the bat, but what you might not know about them is the fact that they can also be very healthy exercises for the brain, and can help anyone, not just kids, grow into a better, more intellectual person. Some examples of really popular board games are Monopoly, Risk, Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal, Chess, Chequers, and many more.

Playing Computer browser games

Even if you don’t have a special expensive computer which is built specifically for gaming, you can still access a plethora of online games to play for free through your internet browser. Whether you’re a fan of strategy games, puzzle games, adventure, tycoons, or even casino games, you can find all kinds of providers, such as Miniclip (for normal games) or Refuel Casino (for gambling games, as long as you are at least 18 years of age), which allow you to play their games securely and could even potentially earn you a little extra money on the side.



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