Planet Fitness became hugely popular when they introduced a lunk alarm, which customers could press if someone grunted or dropped weights. The company catered to people who were scared of exercising in traditional gyms.

I think it proves everyone wants different things when working out, so your perfect gym will be unique to you. Here are a few things to think about when looking for a great gym, which will ensure you never get bored or annoyed.

1. Heavy Dumbbells And Plates

If you visit a 10,000 sqft gym in Toronto Downtown, you’ll probably see many dumbbells and weight plates lying around. It’s crucial if you enjoy lifting heavy weights because you won’t need to wait around for people to finish.

You’ll also be able to make progress with dumbbells before you need to switch to barbells. Search for a selection of kettlebells when looking for a new gym. It’s a great piece of equipment that’s very common these days.

2. Enjoy Group Fitness Classes

It’s easy to motivate yourself in a group fitness class. You don’t want to look weak in front of other people, and the instructors will keep things interesting. Large gyms usually have something going on throughout the day.

People who join CrossFit gyms don’t want to work out on their own, but you might want a free weights section where you can work out after a cycling class. You’ll need to check class schedules to make sure you can attend.

3. A Relaxing Swim And Sauna

Your muscles will be aching once you’ve finished a heavy lifting session. Would you go swimming to relax after visiting the gym? Maybe you can swim a few hundred lengths instead of running on a treadmill for hours.

Some gyms have extras in the swimming pool area; hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms. Saunas and steam rooms also offer many health benefits, like preserving muscle mass, boosting heart health, and easing lower back pain.

4. Calisthenics vs Machines

Don’t listen to anyone who says weight machines are a waste of time. I know they’re not better than free weights, but they still have their place. One of the main benefits is the fact you don’t need to set anything up.

Some people don’t like to use weights because their body weight is good enough. If you want to move your body through space using calisthenics, look for gyms with climbing frames. It’s great if you want to practice parkour moves.

5. Workout Addicts vs Beginners

You’ll need to decide who you want to work out with. If gyms are full of heavy weights, you’ll find experienced lifters who enjoy making loud noises. It’s quite intimidating if you’ve never worked out before.

Gyms with lots of machines and classes will usually be full of beginners. People who don’t care about growing big muscles visit these gyms too. The average person will feel comfortable in any gym after a few sessions.

It’s Good To Look Around

It’s okay to visit a few gyms when trying to find the perfect one. You’ll be able to spend a few minutes looking around, which is better than looking at photos online.



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