The online gambling sector has morphed into a prominent segment of the entire gambling industry. This explosive growth has been attributed to the revised gambling laws in the West. Canada is one such country where the gambling industry and online casinos have exploded in acceptance. The numerous mobile casinos in Canada offer a wide variety of games, including poker, baccarat, and online slots.

How smartphones revolutionized the gaming scene

More than half of the global population use mobile phones for different processes. When mobile phones were first introduced, we used them for messages and calls. Today, people use them to set schedules, browse the internet, facilitate video calls, etc.

The online casino sector is one of many industries that have been touched by technological advancements. The 1990s heralded the introduction of online casino gaming, and no one could have predicted that phones would be used to facilitate gaming.

In the past, casino gaming in Canada meant taking trips to a casino resort, buying casino chips, and heading to slot machines or dealers’ tables. Today, casino gaming translates to using a smartphone app to access thousands of games.

Here are some ways smartphones have affected the online gaming:

Increased accessibility

Before smartphones, if you wanted to play games at a casino, you’d need to visit a land-based casino.

Nowadays, however, you can play games at any time of the day from any location. Casinos in Canada are more accessible since you can even be in an Uber and enjoy your favourite games.

Enhanced safety

Many people at casinos exchange cash for chips. This required them to carry cash around, which is not safe. Sometimes, this led to highway robberies targeting casino gamblers.

Today, payments can be made on your smartphone through e-wallets and cryptocurrency. The great part of these payment options is that they’re almost as instantaneous as using cash.

Improved communication

The best online casinos in Canada today use multiple channels to facilitate customer support. The best part is that some customer helpdesks are available 24/7. You can also use certain smartphone casino app to get quick information when you get stuck on a specific process. Apart from established chatbots and call lines to help you with issues, you can receive promotional offers through email.

Better interaction

Although it’s normal for one to think that online casinos don’t offer real-life experiences, it isn’t so.

Online casinos on smartphones have been enhanced with high-quality graphics to make the games look realistic.

There are chat rooms where casino gamers can discuss games and even interact with the dealer.

Live dealer games are also being offered for gamers who want some element of land-based casinos.

Cons of casino smartphone apps

Casino smartphone apps come with increased security issues. That’s why you need to select a platform with high cybersecurity. There’s also the problem of the app loading slowly because they typically take up memory. This could slow down several processes on your device.

Casino games are also very interesting but could lead to addiction. Since you’d find your favourite casino games easier to launch on a smartphone, you might become addicted to casino gaming.


The online casino industry has progressively grown in recent years. Smartphones have improved online casino gaming in Canada by enhancing accessibility, better interactions, and improved safety.



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