With the colder weather dawning over us, Kinton Ramen swoops in with the perfect timing by introducing their newest menu item – beef ramen!

Beef ramen is only available in certain regions of Japan, making it a rarer and highly coveted meal. There, beef broths are usually mixed with pork and/or dashi (fish) broths.

At Kinton Ramen, the chefs spent a year curating their own aromatic beef ramen recipe. Their beef broth is a creamy, melty, and flavourful blend of tallow (rendered beef fat), onions, and garlic. The beef brisket beef is slow roasted, then torched to smoky perfection.

They are the first ramen shop in Canada to introduce beef ramen using 100% beef broth.

See below for all the mouth-watering dishes!

A warm bowl of spicy beef broth, beef brisket, bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms, grated garlic, shredded chili pepper, scallions

You can choose between thick or thin noodles with your order.

Their original beef ramen comes with beef brisket, seasoned egg, bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms, scallions

If you’re a ramen lover, be sure to check out Kinton Ramen’s newest beef ramen!

See our Kinton Ramen Waterloo Opening post for more of their delicious appetizers and desserts that they offer on the current Ontario menu!

Photos by Janey Tso

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