Kinton Ramen is one of Toronto’s most well known and long-standing Japanese ramen franchises, and they have expanded across Canada, with their newest, and 23rd, location in Waterloo, Ontario!

This intimate space seats about 40 guests, where like all of the other shops, the kitchen is an open concept that is shared with the dining space. The interior also encapsulates the brand’s signature touch – the intricate cubed wooden carvings are seen on their shelves and the tables are also made of polished wood. To celebrate their grand opening, they offered a half-percent discount on their ramens, to which this event was a huge success. Their regular menu offers a rotation of specials, such as the limited edition “Turkey Truffle Ramen” or their Three-Course Meal, which includes an appetizer, ramen, and dessert.

Upon walking in, the staff enthusiastically greets their guests with “Irasshaimase”, which is Japanese for “Welcome to our store” or “Come on in”. Their passion carries over into the enriching flavours of Japan’s comfort food.

The fried pork dumplings (gyoza), spicy fried chicken breast (karaage), and octopus balls (takoyaki), are some of the appetizers served on the menu. Without a doubt, the contrast of the crispy exterior with a soft substantial contents were a delight. I was especially impressed with how juicy the karaage was and that the takoyaki had big pieces of octopus on the inside.

The appetizers

For the ramen, there are three different choices – pork, chicken, and vegetarian – all with their own arrangement of ingredients and unique bowl designs. You can tell that the soup is carefully left to simmer for hours on end because of its full creamy taste. The best part is when the concentrated bone-like flavour coats each noodle strand for slurping.

The soy-sauce marinated pork is blowtorched for an extra smokiness


The chicken breast is sous-vide to a perfect buttery tenderness


For the full on celebratory experience, indulge in some house sake, served hot or cold


Their lemonade is also made in-house, with a hint of yuzu


Rich matcha icecream and matcha cheesecake

Close to an outdoor skating rink, technological businesses, and several student campuses, this will be the restaurant to stop by to warm up during the winter weather.

Photos by Janey Tso
31 King Street North First Floor
Instagram: @kintonramen
Facebook: /kintonramen
Twitter: @kintonramen

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