Hong Shing’s new Baiju cocktail bar is a trendy and exciting addition to the longstanding Chinese restaurant. Located in the heart of the city at 195 Dundas St West, this bar offers a unique and innovative experience that blends traditional Chinese Baiju spirits with modern mixology techniques. With its chic and vibrant ambiance, the Baiju cocktail bar provides a perfect setting for patrons to enjoy a diverse array of handcrafted cocktails, skillfully crafted by expert mixologists. Guests can expect a curated selection of Baiju-based drinks, featuring a harmonious fusion of flavors, drawing inspiration from both traditional Chinese ingredients and contemporary global influences. Whether you’re a seasoned Baiju enthusiast or someone looking to explore new tastes, Hong Shing’s Baiju cocktail bar promises an unforgettable and culturally rich journey through the world of Chinese spirits and mixology.

Photos by Nick Lee

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