The device features controls galore with a touchscreen on the front and, interestingly enough, a rear touchpad on the back as well. There’s also front and rear cameras as a GPS, wifi, bluetooth.

The 5″ OLED screen was bright and vibrant handling the graphics of all the games seen that day very smoothly without jitters. I would get a screen protector if possible.

On another note, with all the controls such as the rear touchpad, it won’t be feasible to have a protective case on while playing with the device. Dropping this device will be likely with the gyroscope enabled games. However the device feels solid and rugged.

The six axis motion sensor was very smooth and responsive.

All of these elements make for interesting new dimensions in gaming. Whether these features are unique enough to warrant the purchase of a dedicated portable gaming console versus the similar experience on a smartphone remains to be seen in sales but Sony shows there’s no momentum being lost here.

Sony Playstation Vita

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