Nigel Fox, Blair Lyon, and boxing trainer Dexter Delves (in black), after their fight at Adelaide Club's 3rd annual Rumble

Nigel Fox, Blair Lyon, and boxing trainer Dexter Delves (in black), after their fight at Adelaide Club’s 3rd annual Rumble

It was a full house as Adelaide Club staff and members, male and female, duked it out on January 18th for the third annual Rumble with 14 well-matched matches. Yes, there was blood drawn. There were also some draws and even a knockout where heavyweight Frank Kulius knocked Trevor Biggs to the floor twice resulting in the ref calling it a match.

The headlining battle featured two-time reigning champ and Adelaide Club’s general manager, Blair Lyon, versus the challenger and Adelaide Club member, Nigel Fox. It was an intense battle with Nigel Fox getting his share of points with his long reach versus Blair’s solid blocking stance. Fox seemed to take the first of 3 rounds by a tad. Blair finished studying his opponent by the middle of the second round and let loose throwing a flurry of punches. By the 3rd round it was all about exchanging punches to the head. And with dramatic pause, by split decision, the winner was announced: Blair Lyon successfully defending his title for the third time.

The video of the match is on Adelaide Club’s facebook page here.

Another noteworthy battle pitted Dennys Vanfleet and Adam Love together. Dennys Vanfleet, at 66 years of age, brought his large entourage of supporters with matching Dennys t-shirts. He convincingly won his bout against Adam Love. With Vanfleet’s boxing training starting only 9 years ago, it’s inspiring to see that there’s no excuses to start being more physically fit at any age.

If you’re interested in boxing lessons be sure to talk to Dexter Delves aka “Body by Dex” at the Adelaide Club as he trained these members to get into boxing shape in no time.

Dennis Vanfleet, Blair Lyon

Dennis Vanfleet, Blair Lyon

66 year old Dennis Vanfleet preparing for his fight

66 year old Dennis Vanfleet preparing for his fight


Dennys Vanfleet and his entourage


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