Inside the lounge area at WEST

As a nod back to the late ’90s, the original King West hotspot, “WEST” is back – the one that started all the King West liveliness. So now in 2014 it’s thoughtfully re-imagined with a group of savvy owners including Glen Baxter to cater to the mature social scene in Toronto.


With the entrance in an alleyway east of Cibo Wine Bar, one cannot simply just stumble into WEST by accident – at least until the patio is set up. So while it unofficially opened in April (and set to officially open on May 28th), you have to be going there with a purpose. And that’s the point as the space will cater to a more mature crowd of 25 years and above.

“Many fashion designers I have known over the years started off by making clothes for themselves to wear,” said Glen Baxter, Co-Founder, WEST. “Then their friends would ask them to make them outfits. A full collection and label bearing their name would later follow. Similarly, we decided to design and create a bar for ourselves and our friends to enjoy. All the partners at WEST are of a certain age and demographic, but we still like to go out. There just weren’t too many options out there for us in Toronto, until now.”

Partners involved with WEST include:

  • Marc Kyriacou (original WEST designers, MarcKyr Inc.)
  • Glen Baxter (Toronto fashion personality and journalist)
  • Gil and Nina Huber (wealth management and interior design couple)
  • Steven Doussis (Soho House, Spoke Club & Blowfish) current General Manager
Partners involved with WEST include: Steven Doussis, Nina Huber, Gil Huber and Glen Baxter

Partners involved with WEST include: Steven Doussis, Nina Huber, Gil Huber and Glen Baxter


More facts about WEST

  • 4,500 sq. ft. with a 250 capacity; 90 capacity patio to be opened soon
  • ‘Cinq à sept’ mature, affluent crowd; open late for tapas, cocktails and dancing
  • Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 5:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.
  • WEST is also available for functions on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
  • The original four founders live one block from WEST
  • All WEST staff are dressed in Canadian fashion available at Gotstyle including Joeffer Caoc, Bazzul, Cuchara, Haight & Ashbury

Here’s how WEST looked like in 2001 (photos courtesy of WEST)

Here are my photos from the new WEST

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