It was truly an honour to be asked to take photos of a special wedding for a young couple. The groom has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, given only months left to live at the young age of 27.

Needless to say I agreed without hesitation at the amazing opportunity to capture this special occasion.

It was one of the first beautiful and sunny afternoons of 2015 on Saturday, April 11th and I was lucky to have my teammate, James Shay, help me out.

The team at Liberty Group Entertainment had only a few days to put the whole wedding together but they bent over backwards with a smile on their faces, demonstrating what happens when a hospitality company unites for a common goal.

The wedding venue was kept a secret and the couple arrived at Casa Loma surprised.

“This should be the most beautiful day of a girl’s life and she knows it’s going to be ended shortly with her husband,” Jennifer’s mom told TorStar News Service.

When I first saw this young Solomon Chau in person that afternoon, he was all smiles, laughs and full of energy.
We wish the young couple the happiest moments in their honeymoon and beyond.

Read more details about their crowd-funded wedding here on Metro News.

Check out their beautiful wedding video produced by Boundless Weddings

Photos by James Shay and Nick Lee

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