Toronto Fashion Incubator shines a spotlight on the best of emerging Canadian fashion as young, talented designers showcased their best work at the annual TFI New Labels dinner and fashion show.

On May 4th, 2015, guests had a gala dinner upstairs at the One King West Hotel. Following dinner was wine reception downstairs in the ballroom followed by the four finalists revealing stunning pieces down the catwalk. The featured 4 designers were as follows:

Of course there were lots of great pieces as shown in the photos below.

But only one winner can be chosen and so the judges came to their decision and Matthew Gallagher won the big $25,000 prize from TFI funded by philanthropist Suzanne Rogers.

Maison MG by Matthew Gallagher

Maison MG by Matthew Gallagher



Congrats Maison MG and to all the contestants for putting on a great show. Check out more Maison MGat

Also, Danny Fernandes put on a quick performance while the judges made their decision. Then we also got treated to a fun and fashionable designer’s take on Spongebob Squarepants inspired show.
Here’s some of the

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Photos by Nick Lee

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