Cîroc celebrated the Toronto launch of their Ultra Premium Vodka in style with Cîroc sails on the water, water jet pack performances and custom shoes from designer label, Sully Wong. Cabana Pool Bar was painted in vivid blue and metallics silver for the occasion.


George Sully and Henry Wong were there on site to talk about their collaboration with Cîroc. The Cîroc-inspired sneaker was purposefully designed for this occasion. Clean, pure and sleek lines that represent the vodka brand with a subtlety of colour in Cîroc blue that results in a fresh summer look. Henry Wong says they were delighted to have been chosen for the Cîroc campaign in Canada and amazingly, he tells me that it took them only 2 months from concept to production for the sneaker, a fast turnaround in a fast paced industry.

George Sully, Henry Wong of Sully Wong

George Sully, Henry Wong of Sully Wong


Sully Wong is a popular Canadian designer label based in Toronto focused on handcrafted designs. Known for their minimalist approach, they make premium sneakers, stylish bags comprising of backpacks, messengers, duffels, totes, and headwear. Their products can be found internationally in the U.S, Japan, Korea, France, Holland, Switzerland and Netherlands.

Cîroc is distinguished from other vodkas by using French grapes instead of grains or starches. Distilled at their historic Distillerie de Chevanceaux in southwest France, the result is a fresh, smooth taste with a crisp, clean finish. It was great on that hot day at Cabana Pool bar, on the rocks and mixed into a cocktail.


Signature cocktails they were serving that day:

Ciroc French 76
– Cîroc Ultra Premium
– champagne
– lemon juice
– simple syrup
– dark grape

Ciroc Daylife
– Cîroc Ultra Premium
– soda water
– rooibos syrup
– lemon juice

Cîroc Ultra Premium and other Cîroc products can be found at LCBO.

For more information on Sully Wong visit www.sullywong.com

Photos by James Shay




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