Fonda Lola – the Mexican diner with an uplifting atmosphere of brilliant ceramics and textiles – completes their existing brunch and dinner options with their first-ever lunch menu. They feature tortas, Mexican street-style sandwiches, served with puckery citrus margaritas.

Rose Kambucha Margarita – fresh squeezed lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit juices shaken with smoked horchata, tequila, rose kombucha | Photo: Fonda Lola

Although tortas are not common in Toronto, they are commonly served for lunch in Mexico, especially for those on the go. Being one of the first bistros to serve them here, Fonda Lola makes quite the impression with 9 different fillings, including Torta de Candied Bacon and Egg, Octopus Torta, and Steak & Cheese Torta. The bread Fonda Lola uses, known as bolillos, accommodate all the flavours with a slightly crispy exterior complemented by softness in every bite. Their secret is that these buns are made fresh daily at a local Ossington bakery!

Chicken Torta – a chili, garlic, and spiced chicken adobo with refried beans, rice, avocado, and a touch of butter

Fonda Lola surprisingly converts bean-haters, like myself, to bean-lovers with these tortas by complementing its hearty flavour with the rest of the ingredients and taking away the unwanted sandy textures. I would definitely come back for more, namely the Torta de Cochinita Pibil, wherein the flavour of the pulled-pork comes through after its 6 hour lime and vinegar braising.

For those who prefer the gluten-free life, you are in luck because Fonda Lola’s Tlacoyos ($6) are just as tasty as their tortas. Refried beans are stuffed into a corn masa cake, and loaded with a stringy Oaxaca cheese, fresh salsa, avocado, and arugula ontop. It’s all of the flavour in delicate crisps.

Tlacoyos – refried beans, corn masa cake, Oaxa cheese, salsa, avocado, arugula

Saving the best for last, was dessert. The churros ($6) are served with cajeta foam, a caramelized goat milk, and tastes absolutely phenomenal. The creamy dip is similar to dulce-de-leche and its sweet simplicity was the best way to end the meal.

Churros with cajeta foam


Whether it’s to grab a quick protein-rich lunch for a boost of energy, or for an adventure in discovering more of Mexico’s “Vitamin T’s”; including tacos, tortas, tlacoyos, and of course tequila, Fonda Lola is the place to be.

Photos by Janey Tso
Cover Photo by Fonda Lola

For more information:
942 Queen Street W.
Instagram: @FondaLola #TortaTakeover #ElLunch #VitaminT
Twitter: @FondaLola
Facebook: /FondaLola

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