Opening it’s newest location on November 28, 2016, the new Boil Bar is conveniently located near Bloor and Bathurst. The nautical theme of the restaurant, the signature soft-shell crab cocktail, the alcohol infused clam soup, and the new iPad ordering system are just several of the things that sets this seafood joint apart from the rest.

Sizzling hot plate with udon noodles and shrimp

Sizzling hot plate with udon noodles and shrimp


Not to mention, everything you order on the menu is just amazingly delicious. Having a crabby day?Order up and feast on the dungeness crab, king crab leg, or snow crab leg. Better yet, order one of each! Other catches of the sea include crawfish, lobster, shrimp, mussels, and clams. With five different sauces to choose from, there is sure to be a flavour that suits every tastebud. Our personal favourites? Clams with Ketea indikoi sauce as it has more of a curry flavour to it, the dungeness crab with hydra sauce, mussels with leviathan sauce, the signature soft-shell crab cocktail, and the lobster soup which was just simply divine. If you like all things spicy, be sure to order extra spicy for your sauces as regular spicy won’t quite give you the same kick. If you’re craving some carbs, they also offer various seafood udon and rice. Sides include everything from sweet corn to your traditional sweet potato fries which can be used to dip into all of seafood sauces.

If you’re ready to get messy and enjoy a fun meal with friends or with a date, they provide you with a bib and plastic gloves to dig in to your seafood feast. It is quite the experience and definitely worth at least a try.

While Boil Bar lists on the menu which nation each seafood originates, the owner tells us that the seafood is wild caught and sourced from restorative sources.

They also have a fun Donald the “missing crab” promotion on right now. If you are able to find it the reward is $500. Check the store at 442 Bloor St. West to see the poster for details.

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