The crowd stayed late at the launch party for Landen Wakil’s debut novel Some Place Better Than Here, held on Thursday, October 26 at Dundas West spot Nightowl.


At only 23-years-old, the guest of honour had dozens of friends and supporters show up to celebrate the launch. “I am a very modest person, and being a writer, I am like, wow, people are actually here. It’s not a movie, it’s not rock and roll – it’s a book, so thank you,” said Wakil in opening his speech.


Not only did the guests make an appearance, they stayed until the end of the evening. The band kept the artsy crowd of fellow move-making guests dancing with no shortage of nostalgic crowd-pleasing covers (think, Coldplay and Oasis) until the end. The music was a fitting addition: Inspired by classic rock anthems and American teenage mythos, the novel is filled with nostalgic references from film, music, and literature.


It’s designed to speak to the minds and hearts of today’s generation. It explores what it means to be angst-ridden and broken and how to navigate through it to emerge stronger and with a newfound outlook.


So, what exactly is Some Place Other than Here? “It’s not a physical destination,” said Wakil. What it is, is something he advises people to consider for themselves. “We need time to be actually alone with ourselves and ask ourselves this question. Where is our place better than here? “ said Wakil. “As we know, depression is an ascending epidemic as is domestic abuse in suburbia – and obviously, small towns and cities.” He admits, however, that he doesn’t have all the answers himself. “I’m 23 and I still don’t know much about life; I still am really learning. This is my experience and the experience of those I love,” he said.

To find out more, visit Wakil’s website.

Photos by James Shay

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