Fashion Art Toronto, a multi-arts event and platform for infinite creativity, opened its doors this Wednesday at ‘Daniels Spectrum’ in Toronto’s emerging east downtown Regent Park neighborhood – beginning 5-days of contemporary art-influenced performances.

This year’s 14th-edition titled ‘MOVEMENT’ celebrated contemporary art and design in the exploration of what moves, inspires and motivates us. Known for pushing boundaries; FAT explores this inspiration through fashion, design, short films, photography exhibits, art installations and live performances – with 100+ Canadian and International designers, artists and creatives.

Wednesday’s opening night kicked-off with four notable back-to-back runway presentations. From contemporary and ready-to-wear street wear designs, to avant-garde fashion runways, AVRGBBS, FieldTriip, Morgan Sheardown, and Michele Taras shared their innovative lines.

AVRGBBS’ “The Tale of Two Average and Nostalgic Babies” is a collection made from latex and upcycled materials; rich in fantasy, illustration and intricate exaggeration.

FieldTriip’s “Remember Me” is a collection filled with and inspired by polaroid photos, albums and journals – of memories and experiences shared with a significant other.

Morgan Sheardown’s “Raining Cows” collection showcases a symbolic inspiration and expression of rain, clouds, colour and cows; through beautiful silk hand-made bomber jackets. A light, happy and calming graphic collection.

Michele Taras’ “Artwining” is a collection of change and collaboration; including upcycled garments and hand painted elements, on photography and art-inspired designs.

Photos by Che Rosales and Shayne Grey.

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