With the cherry blossoms blooming earlier this week, it marked the perfect time to celebrate one of the most momentous occasions of spring. From April 27th to May 12th, Cheese Garden, a modern yet authentic dessert shop from Japan, launched their limited edition Sakura Spring Collection, a pink floral-themed set filled with carefully-made cakes and gifts. Here is what the set contained:

Sakura Fraise Cheesecake
The multi-layered cake is reminiscent of the colours of spring. The top layer is a Sakura Mizu Yokan, a jelly with a beautiful sakura design along the outer crescent of the cake. The middle layers consist of a creamy custard pudding and a no-bake strawberry cheesecake with a tart-flavoured sakura jam and strawberries embedded. The base is a soft matcha sponge cake, which is a salute to the other matcha desserts they have at the store.

Sakura Raindrop Cake
The raindrop cake gained popularity in Japan in 2014, and has been seen only in night markets byfar in Toronto. The lightly sweetened agar encapsulates some salted-pickle Sakura from Kanagawa, Japan.

Sakura Yakigashi
The pistachio-filled Yakigashi, meaning a baked snack, has a gorgeous dried sakura placed on its pink surface. The texture reminds me of a granola bar mixed with a rice-crispy square.

This set also came with a dainty rose gold spoon that is shaped like a cherry blossom and a tie-string bag. Each of these desserts had a delicate satisfying flavour, and made for the perfect gift (with Mother’s day just around the corner).

Photos by Janey Tso

Instagram: @cheesegarden_ca
Facebook: /cheesegardenca

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