Here’s just a few events I’m looking forward to starting today and into the next couple weeks. Hope to see you all around?

Shop fashion from Canadian designers this today and tomorrow at 134 Peter St.

Terroir Symposium
Join industry, chefs and media as they explore the choices we make and how they affect the growth, change and collective identity of the industry. The main event happens on May 6th at The Carlu.

Chefs on Deck for Camp Ooch at Cactus Club
So many chefs, just one night on May 7th at The Cactus Club downtown at FCP. Chef Cory Vitiello and Iron Chef Rob Feenie are presenting a special dining experience collaborating with special chef guests Rob Rossi (of Giulietta), Rob Gentile (of Buca Family of Restaurants), Brandon Olsen (of La Banane), Alida Solomon (of Tutti Matti), Afrim Pristine (of Cheese Boutique). It can only be epic with 100% of ticket sales going to charity.

The Canadian Opera Company’s highly anticipated annual gala, Operanation, is coming up. Don’t miss out! Operanation 2016

The Stop Night Market
If you haven’t heard about it by now, it’s time to crawl out from under that rock. Foodies are all excited to go. Check out our coverage from a Stop Night Market 2015.

Celebrating Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards with a red carpet reception, dinner gala and after party.



At Fashion Art Toronto 2019
Celebrating Cherry Blossoms with Cheese Garden

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