Do you worry about coming up against bears, cougars, and wolves? It makes sense because each one could tear you apart under certain circumstances. But the real problematic animals you should be worried about are much smaller.

Certain pests will destroy your home if you give them too much leeway. At best, they make your home a less enjoyable place to live when they appear. Let’s discuss some of the most annoying pests you’ll come up against.

1. Bed Bugs

You might need help getting bed bugs away if you don’t clean your house properly. If you own a business, you’ll need Toronto commercial pest control services too. A vacuum cleaner is your best friend in the fight against bed bugs.

Ensure you vacuum every hard surface on a regular basis. The water should be very hot when you wash bed linens. Bed bugs spend their lives sucking on your blood, so do everything possible to avoid a horrid infestation.

2. Raccoons

I know raccoons look like the cutest animals in the world, but they’re actually aggressive little ninjas. If a raccoon is irritable, you don’t want to run into it when you’re taking the trash out at night.

When you see raccoons they’ll probably be throwing garbage all over your garden path. They love nothing more than rummaging through trash cans. You also need to make sure they’re unable to build a comfortable den inside your attic.

3. Ants

Opening a bag of rice filled with thousands of ants is heartbreaking, especially when you’re really hungry. During the warmer months, it’s difficult to keep ants away from your kitchen, plus your bathroom is sometimes vulnerable too.

If you wash surfaces regularly, you’ll only keep ants at bay for a while. Don’t leave any open food sources lying around in your kitchen. Finally, if you see ants appearing from any holes/cracks you should close them up straight away.

4. Rodents

Rats can spread horrible diseases, which have killed tens of millions of people throughout history. Rats and mice can cause lots of damage if they’re allowed to eat through wires and insulation in your home.

They’ll actually eat through anything they come up against. Mice droppings look similar to small bits of rice, whereas rat droppings are a lot bigger. If you see lots lying on the floor, you’ll know there is a problem.

5. Cockroaches

Everyone is usually terrified of cockroaches for some strange reason. Cockroaches run away as fast as possible like other pests, but they will attack your feet. If you have food lying around, it’s going to tempt them.

You’ll need to wipe surfaces once you’ve eaten your meals too. It’s unlikely you’ll see them unless you’re awake at night because they’re nocturnal. Keep your lights on so they disappear into the shadows.

Small Animals Are Scarier

Smaller animals are a lot scarier because they give you the heebie-jeebies. Do everything possible to keep them away from your home, which might mean putting in more effort from now on.


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