Your doors and windows play a key role in the security, aesthetics, and adding worth to your house. For example, when visitors visit your home, they first see your front door so it needs to be eye-catching. Guests often remember the front door when they refer to a house. Your front door may become embarrassing for you if its appearance is not attractive. So, make sure your front door and windows are pleasing for the visitors, and for that, you can rely on Canadian Choice Windows & Doors. 

The appearance of windows and doors may change over time due to weather elements, but nothing to worry about them. You can simply follow some tips to renovate your doors and windows. Let’s have a look at these tips. 

1. Finishing and painting 

Painting is not just stroking the paintbrush anywhere. It requires precision for obtaining the best outcomes after completion of work. It must be shiny without any rough lumps. Ideally, you should first take off the old paint when painting a door or a window. The old paint is always inconsistent and peeled, which can make the fresh paint look ugly. So, remove the worn-out paint first to get a smooth finish of fresh paint. 

Wear and tear can cause gaps and dents in your old doors and windows. But nothing to worry as you can easily fix them with the help of a wood filler. Any discolouration in your door or window can be removed by using a primer. After that, apply an undercoat. You can also use a roller to apply paint to avoid brush strokes impressions on your door or window. Rollers are available in various sizes, so you can buy a roller according to your budget. 

A good tip is painting the door in intervals i.e. waiting for each coat to dry, and then applying the next coat. It may take a week to paint a door based on the climate. Once the final coat is done, wait for a day before using it if it’s warm outside. You may have to wait for two to three days during cold weather to let the door dry completely. 

2. Hardware updates for doors and windows 

Hardware are the parts of windows and doors. They include hinges, handles/knobs, letterboxes, and home numbers. They also require genuine work so that the door looks good with new paint. 

  • Hinges 

You don’t have to detach the door for replacing current hinges. Rather, detach and replace every hinge at a time. Make sure to select matching hinges to provide support to the door. Big hinges require adjustments in the free space. 

  • Knobs/handles

Replacing an old handle is also carried out in door renovation. Look for a reputed Canadian Choice Windows & Doors manufacturer to get perfect knobs or handles. The size of the handle should be a perfect fit so that gaps are not left in the  area. Even a small gap will make your door look ugly and more vulnerable to burglars. Here the tip is to select a slightly big handle than old one for covering the space.



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