It may be surprising to some, but Canada is currently one of the hottest markets for casino games. The number found online can be overwhelming – and it’s often difficult to work out what the most popular options are.

To help out, we’ve assembled a range of games that are popular with Canadian players below.

Mega Moolah

This is a massively popular progressive jackpot slot game. It’s had a large number of different winners over the years, with some of the biggest prizes in the world awarded through this game. It’s available at a range of different online casinos that can be found at this list – who will also help out with the tough choice of where to play, thanks to their extensive reviews.

But what does it offer? Well, at first glance, it’s a fairly simple video slot game. It doesn’t really offer a huge amount in terms of features. To the untrained eye, many people might think that it’s nothing special. However, Mega Moolah has a secret weapon.

The progressive jackpot here can be activated at any time during the game. When it happens, you will have the opportunity to win a number of different jackpots. When they appear, it means that players can win one of four jackpots. And the biggest prize is often for life-changing amounts. 

An anonymous Belgian player earlier this year took home the largest ever single-spin slot win, with €19.4 million – from just a €15 stake. It’s thanks to this kind of story Mega Moolah will remain popular for a long time to come.


Blackjack has long been used as an analogy for different aspects of life, but the fact remains that it is a hugely popular casino game for Canadian players. A big part of this is blackjack’s reputation as a skill-based game – there’s a mathematical system that can improve your odds.

While this injection of skill into the casino is a welcome breath for many, it does mean that playing optimally requires a great deal more effort than simply throwing your chips down on red at the roulette table.

It’s not a negative necessarily, as many players enjoy the process of becoming good at blackjack. The level of skill involved means that players are always likely to enjoy blackjack on a consistent basis.


Starburst is without a doubt one of the most popular video slots of all time. It has a great re-spin feature available, which allows players to grab some big wins. It also turns reels completely wild which can provide some massively impressive wins. 

Starburst has been on the market for a long time at this point, but it has remained hugely popular. This may seem a little bit strange to some people, especially as there are other titles out there that have newer and more impressive features in place. 

Despite this, Starburst is still hugely popular and is very well-loved by Canadian players. 


Roulette is without a doubt one of the most iconic games in the world. It’s a well-known game across a number of different casino venues. While it might be better associated with Monte Carlo, a visit to Monaco isn’t exactly an evening activity, so the online equivalent is still very popular with Canadian online casino players. 

What’s great about roulette is that it gives players one of the biggest betting choices on the market. There is a wide range of different bets offered, going from small to larger payouts. This gives players a lot of choice and means there are a lot of ways to play roulette.

There are also some famous betting strategies that can be used with roulette. This gives players a little more choice in terms of how they play the game. Combined with the fun from spinning the wheel, this makes roulette hugely popular. 

Live dealer game shows

Live dealer game shows are some of the newest offerings on the market. What makes them so different is that they put players right into the shoes of a game show contestant, making great use of modern technology. 

Players can take part in different types of shows, all featuring a live host. Some even have licensing arrangements with real-life game shows, such as Family Feud, or Deal or No Deal. For anyone who wants to be on a game show, but hasn’t been able to do so, this will be right up your street.

They’ve already become shockingly popular in the short time they’ve been available. This is helped of course by a culture that reveres the humble game show, but the real draw is that there are some legitimately impressive prizes available. 

With high-quality video streams and fast internet, players can really feel like they are in the game show. Canadian players love live dealer game shows, and as more are released, it’s likely to continue to be the case.



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