To begin, let’s clarify the definition of the phrase “best” and “greatest”. Kawhi Leonard is without a question the best Raptors athlete ever, but that isn’t how we measure excellence or greatness. Factors like durability, charisma, victory, and the “it” factor must be considered while determining the best players of all time. In my opinion, there is a lot more room for dispute regarding the ranking, so don’t be surprised if you disagree with us. Here are the four best Toronto Raptors of all time.

1. Kyle Lowry – Point Guard

Lowry joined the Raptors in 2012 and became a 6 time all-star. No one could ever forget his look when the Raptors reached their 1st finals and then triumphed. No Raptor I’ve seen before has Lowry’s toughness and passion to compete for his squad. Kyle gives it everything. He scores, incorporates teammates, recovers, directs, and most importantly, he delivers. Lowry leads the Raptors in assists, interceptions, overall win-shares, and postseason wins. Lowry has proven time and time again that he will do everything it takes to succeed, particularly in Toronto. Although his best buddy (DeMar) was exchanged for Kawhi, he embraced the transfer and got the job done with Kawhi, which contributed to the Raptors’ title win. He let Kawhi get to be the main shooter on a squad which was always going to lead, but he understood when to step it up. Lowry delivered the Raptors’ first 11 baskets and 21 during the first half of the Championship game, maintaining them inside the game as others battled. From DeRozan to Kawhi, Lowry has been the captain of the team, but we also want him to continue until he departs. Kyle Lowry is the best Raptor of all time and will remain in the near future, making him and the Toronto Raptors very popular in the betting industry, in one of the best online casinos currently.

2. DeMar DeRozan – Power Forward / Small Forward

He was the first superstar to actually love Toronto, while Toronto adored him. DeMar has become the Raptors’ pulse since being chosen in 2009. Few players (really just one) were as revered by the Raptor fans as DeRozan.  After Bosh left, DeMar ramped up his game, going from 8.6 up to 17.2 points a match in his 2nd season. During his first all-star campaign in 2013-14, DeRozan never scored fewer than twenty points a match for Toronto. Each year, DeRozan gave his all for the Raptors, but they would not go past the first round. Masai Ujiri, club president, determined it was time to make a change just after Cavaliers defeated them for the third year running. He pushed on from DeRozan to another guy on this ranking, and it paid off.

3. Kawhi Leonard – Shooting Guard / Small Forward

Masai Ujiri dealt Jakob Poeltl, DeMar Derozan, and a 1st round selection for dissatisfied sensation Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi’s desire to compete in Toronto, and also his ability to remain fit, were questioned. Both concerns proved unjustified. Kawhi arrived in Toronto and started working, and the Raptors management took great care of Leonard, featuring him in just 60 games to save him again for the playoffs. Leonard improved his skills in the playoffs during an all year scoring 26.6 points and around 7.2 rebounds. Kawhi scored 30.5 points and around 9 rebounds inside the 2019 finals, featuring remarkable efforts even against Bucks in the title game. We’ll never forget the match 7 buzzer beater against Joel Embiid that sent the Raptors towards the championship game. Kawhi guided the first Raptors squad to the finals and a six-game triumph out over the Warriors to earn their first title. Even though it was only 1 season, it was the Raptors’ greatest yet. Kawhi is the second most successful Raptor ever.

4. Vince Carter – Shooting Guard / Small Forward

Some may claim Vince is ranked too poorly on this ranking, which is fair. Air Canada Carter made Toronto famous in the NBA. He was later traded to Toronto for Antawn Jamison. His elevated, picture-perfect style made him a fan favourite in his debut season with the Raptors. Carter was awarded 3rd team all-NBA in his second season, accumulating 25.7 goals per game. During his 3rd season, He scored over 27 points a game and also was chosen in the NBA second team, guiding the Raptors to the league semi-finals against Champion Allen Iverson as well as the 76ers. Throughout the series, Carter and Iverson traded blows, forcing a tiebreaker. Carter infamously looked forward to joining his college graduation the day of game 7 before returning for the ballgame. After a difficult fight, Carter missed a jumper at the clock which would have taken the Raptors to their first NBA finals. After a couple more all-star campaigns as well as some issues among Carter and Raptors administration, Carter got dealt to the Nets. Even though Vince Carter’s time in Toronto was cut short, he was the very first athlete to provide significant relevance to Canada’s sole NBA franchise.



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