Many people are concerned with home security, and there seems to be a security system or doorbell to address those concerns and give people peace of mind. But many people overlook a different kind of home security threat entirely: Uninvited wild animals.

Canadian winters bring cold weather. And just as your home looks like a dry beacon of warmth to you after a day out in the cold and snow, it also looks that way to furry critters.

These critters aren’t as polite as most Canadians and will not wait for an invitation to be formally extended. In fact, they will take any opening they can find as a sign that they are allowed to enter your house.

Once wild animals have set up shop in your home, it can be extraordinarily difficult to get rid of them for their safety and your own. And, as it’s not safe to have them in your house, the best bet is to prevent them from entering in the first place.

Read on to learn how to ensure your home is well-defended against animal critters trying to find entry inside this winter.

Check the Attic

While you might not want to spend a lot of time hanging out in your attic, animals and pests will see it as a warm, dark reprieve from the cold. Inspect your attic for any apparent holes and plug any that you find. 

You should also have your roof checked for any holes that animals can use to find an entrance to your home. Getting Professional Roofers to inspect your roof in the fall is a wise idea, as they will ensure your roof is in good shape before winter, and the roofers can also identify any problem areas that animals and rodents might take advantage of.

Check Your Vents

Common animals and rodents to enter your home are raccoons, squirrels, birds, bats, mice and rats. Of all of these, it might be raccoons that give Toronto homeowners the most trouble. 

A common way they enter your home is thorough air vents, which allow air to escape. These are found in the kitchen near the stove, close to the dryer, and on your roof. They serve an essential purpose and shouldn’t be blocked off, but unfortunately, animals may see these wide-open spaces as a door.

A way around this is with animal-proof vents, which have wire mesh covers on the vents and keep animals outside while allowing air to escape. It’s advisable to get these covers specially fitted to your vents to ensure animals can’t find their way around them.

Having animals removed from your home can be costly, not to mention the damage they can do once they set up shop. There also may be rules regarding when you can disturb them. Prevent unwanted animal visitors from becoming an issue by animal-proofing your home. 



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