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Wearable fitness trackers allow you to do things like monitor your heart rate or the number of steps you take while you perform exercises like running, swimming, and cycling. The right tracker can give you an accurate and comprehensive view of your health. It can help you move more, sleep better, and improve other areas of your health.

Choosing the right tracker can be challenging, though. There are many different ones on the market, and each has its own features. Read on to find out how to choose the right fitness tracker for you.

Choosing a Fitness Tracker at the Right Price

Fitness trackers are available at a broad range of price points. You can pick up a tracker for as little as $20 or get a top-of-the-range one for around $250. As you would expect, ones that cost less have fewer features, so you’ll need to determine what elements you want your tracker to include before deciding how much to spend on one. Less expensive trackers typically don’t have displays, which means you will have to look at your smartphone to discover things like how many steps you’ve taken. More expensive trackers usually have built-in GPS and optical heart rate monitors. So, if you only want a fitness tracker to measure your steps, it’s pointless paying out for a more expensive one that contains a heart rate monitor.

Choosing the Right Style for You

Fitness trackers typically come in the form of clip-ons, watches, and bracelets. The latter two are difficult to lose because they are securely fastened, but clip-ons could fall off or get lost when you do the laundry or use devices to play games at an online casino like Casumo. However, watches and bracelets can sometimes get in the way when you’re doing things like washing the dishes. Clip-ons are usually smaller and more discreet, but they don’t often have displays. Another option is a fitness tracking ring that you wear on your finger.

Choosing the Right Features

Fitness trackers can track numerous things. Besides step-counts and heart rate monitoring, fitness trackers come with features like:

·   Sleep Tracking. This feature uses a motion sensor to measure your REM and see whether your sleep is disturbed. Sleep-tracking features can also include a smart alarm that chooses the optimal time in your sleep cycle to wake you in the morning, close to your chosen time.

·   Third-party Apps. If you already use an app on your smartphone for fitness tracking when doing things like running or cycling, you can buy fitness trackers that pair with those apps so that you won’t lose access to any data.

·   Built-in GPS. When fitness trackers have built-in GPS, they are able to track your distance more accurately. You can also buy trackers that sync with your smartphone to use your phone’ GPS.

·   Water Resistance. Different trackers have different levels of water resistance. If you are planning on regularly wearing your tracker when swimming, you will want a fully water-resistant one.

·   Music. If you enjoy listening to music while running or walking, you will not have to take multiple devices out with you if you choose a fitness tracker that allows you to listen to music with a Bluetooth headset.

How important is fitness tracking accuracy to you?

Fitness trackers differ in how accurate they are. As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive a tracker is, the more accurate it will be. If you are taking your workout routine very seriously, you are sure to want a highly accurate fitness tracker. But if you exercise more casually, you can choose another option. Even low-cost fitness trackers are pretty accurate. They’re just not as precise as others.

Battery Duration

Different fitness trackers work for different lengths of time, depending on how long the batteries last. If you need to change the battery pretty frequently, it could soon become annoying. You’ll also have the additional expense of having to purchase batteries more often. Therefore, it can often be investing in a fitness tracker that offers long battery life. Most fitness trackers’ batteries last from between a couple of days and a couple of weeks of constant use. But some trackers use coin-cell batteries, which last for several months.



Chill vibes and physically-distanced outdoor lounging were on the agenda for a perfect summer evening at the popular Stackt Market at Bathurst and Front.
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Everybody has their own way of relaxing after a long day at the office. For some people, it is a good book or TV show, but there is a significant number of those who consider online gambling as a relaxing and fun activity. If you are one of them, check here the best Canadian online gambling sites. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of your online security. No matter if you are gambling just for fun, or you have built strategies for the long term winnings, you should always keep in mind several tips that can protect the information that you are disclosing online. These safety tips will help you avoid significant financial losses and keeping your identity safe when gambling online.

Gamble at Licensed Casinos Only

Although it is illegal to operate online casinos in Canada, players can gamble online at offshore casinos. The gambling market is crowded with different bookmakers and casinos, so you need to be extra careful when selecting your preferred one. There are a lot of scams who just want your money, and if you do not pay attention, you may lose your funds.

So, how can you know if the online casino is legit or not? The first thing you should check is the license under which an online casino operates. If it is licensed, it is a good sign since the casino needs to follow a set of rules and regulations prescribed by the licensing authority in its base country. Some of the most reputable licensing authorities are the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, or Maltese Gambling Authority. The licensing information is usually available at the bottom of the home page on the website.

Explore Terms and Conditions

How many times have you accepted Terms and Conditions while actually not reading it? Yes, we understand that you are eager to start the game as soon as possible, but you should spend some time reading the whole document. Remember, you are about to disclose a piece of your personal information and your payment details. Take your time, read the text thoroughly, especially those parts related to making payments, and collecting your winnings. You can miss something important just by clicking the “I Accept” button. You may come across some hidden fees, or the reasons you might forfeit your winnings. Explore all drawbacks before starting to play.   

Look for the SSL Encryption

Before entering any sensitive information on any website, you should make sure your connection is secure. How can you do that even if you not a technical expert? Well, in any browser, you can find the lock sign next to the website’s address. It means that the online casino uses SSL encryption that enables a secure connection. Thanks to the SSL encryption, you may transmit confidential information securely, which includes your social security number, or credit card details. Any online casino can claim that your sensitive information is safe at their website, however, always double-check if a lock sign is displayed next to the website’s URL. If that sign doesn’t exist, it means that the site is not SSL encrypted, no matter if you can find a badge posted on some of the pages.

Carefully Pick Your Payment Method

The obvious advice is to pick the most secure payment method. How can you ensure that the option you selected is safe enough? In case you intend to use a credit or debit card, you should check first if your bank has a strong history of assisting the financial and identity theft victims. If it does, then you may provide information into the online casino’s site. Your bank should be able to return you at least one part of the money, even if you fall victim to fraud. On the other hand, you should not disclose your card details on the website if your bank doesn’t handle fraud well.

What can you use as an alternative? E-wallets are well-known as the best way to deposit money to your account at an online casino. This way, you can spend only your funds dedicated to gambling, without worrying if your savings will disappear. The most popular e-wallets are PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller, and the majority of the online casinos offer them as a payment option.

Don’t Download Software

Some online casinos may offer you to download their software to play the games. However, you should always avoid this option and stick to the internet browser. Your PC might get vulnerable when downloading software since you can pick up viruses and malware that can collect your passwords or financial information. It would be best if you were sure that your online casino has an impeccable reputation, and that your PC is protected with a high-quality anti-virus program.

All these tips are equally important, and if you stick to them, you probably won’t experience any security troubles when gaming at an online casino. Keep them in mind and enjoy your game without getting exposed to security risks.



If youre in Toronto, or youre planning to be there soon, you will get to experience the fantastic nightlife. Toronto is a city where there are fun and entertainment aplenty, especially after dark. There is something for everyone. But if youre still unsure, we have picked out some great attractions to consider.

Niagara Falls At Night

When people think of Canada and Toronto, they automatically will picture Niagara Falls. And visiting this landmark is fantastic in the daytime. But we recommend you head out on the bespoke evening lights tour for an unrivalled experience. Adventurers will be up close and personal thanks to a boat trip, as the lights dance across the Falls. Its an experience everyone must witness in their lifetime.

Game At Casinos

Toronto is the ideal spot for punters who want to head to a land-based casino venue to enjoy their favourite games. Casino Woodbine and Casino Rama are two excellent establishments, with hundreds of table games and thousands of slot machines between them. And, when visitors head back to their suites, the fun can continue online at PartyCasino or any other licensed operator for that matter.

Tour The Pubs And Bars

Toronto is a city of culture and diversity, and this spreads to the pubs, bars and beverages in the city. There is nothing better after a day of exploring than heading down to a pub or bar to try out the array of beers available. Its a fantastic idea to move between venues, so you get a feel for the different vibes within the entertainment district located downtown. Toronto is steeped in beer brewing history, so its something not to miss.

Climb The CN Tower

Well, not literally. The CN Tower is a must-visit if youre in Toronto. Its one of those places where everyone who visits the city will check out at least once. The CN Tower, which shows off some magnificent views during the day and at night, is more than an observatory. Visitors can enjoy a fantastic steak at the restaurant and make an evening of it. Excellent views and great food, what more could you ask for?

Music Is Life

Everybody loves music, right? And what is better than live music? Toronto is a city blessed with a wealth of musical talent, and there are some fantastic venues to show it off. The Air Canada Centre is the place to be if youre looking to see the bug-names and well-known music artists and bands when theyre in Toronto. However, the Horseshoe Tavern offers the intimate and up close and personal live music experience.

There is a lot to see and do when youre in Toronto, so it may take several visits to fit all the good stuff in, especially where nightlife is concerned. All the above are things you definitely wont regret checking out or doing. And they show the city is a place which everyone will enjoy visiting and experience, no matter what time of day it is, and regardless of what they find exciting and fun.



Streetwear is not something everybody can pull off. It’s easy to look silly if you don’t know what you’re doing when trying to establish your style. But once you nail it, you’ll be able to pull off outfits that will feel comfortable and look cool while still being sophisticated. Some are able to elevate their street style where they can move from casual to evening wear and even formal events by switching a piece or two. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips to get started with luxury streetwear, and a few things you should avoid at all costs.

Be Careful with the Sneakers

There are two ways to approach sneakers. You can either go for a stealth and classic look or go over the top. Some people like to have a more discreet look, so a classic pair of sneakers with tapered jogger pants, a hoodie, and a bomber jacket might be all they need. This is also a good option if you have a strong build or are older.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you want to go over the top with the sneakers, we suggest you try to stick with one or two colours for the rest of the outfit. Wild sneakers can also look great if you’re wearing black on black. However, colourful sneakers with a colourful outfit will look tacky, especially if you’re trying to match everything.

Don’t Limit Your Options

When you’re looking at brands, don’t limit your options and assume that only certain brands will have pieces you can incorporate into your style. Burberry clothing, for instance, while still having classic aesthetics and pedigree, has done a great job of staying current by integrating some streetwear elements.

If you want to see what Burberry has to offer, SSENSE have one of the largest selections of Burberry clothing online, and you’ll find all types of items like t-shirts, cut out shorts, and hoodies. They also have a nice selection of bomber jackets and track pants you can choose from.

Put Comfort First

While it’s always nice to look good, you want to be comfortable when you’re wearing your clothes. As a matter of fact, comfort should be your priority when looking for streetwear. The goal of street clothing is to allow you to do everyday tasks while still looking good. The looking good part is just the cherry on top. So, if a piece doesn’t seem functional or comfortable, don’t buy it.

Don’t Become a Walking Billboard

A lot of people have this idea of streetwear being brand-driven and that you can’t wear streetwear without logos, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Like we stated earlier, it’s perfectly feasible to have a discreet look when wearing streetwear. That doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate any piece of clothing that has a logo on it, but try to keep it to one item only.

Do Learn What to Match

We talked about not trying to match everything earlier, but there are pieces you should try to when you can. One example is your sneakers and your cap. Matching your baseball or designer trucker hat with your sneakers will help define your look and tie your outfit together. You don’t necessarily have to look like an F1 driver, but choosing a defined color to match your sneakers and cap will bring both of them out. You can also use tonal matching, and pick different shades of the same color to make it look intentional.

Don’t Be Afraid to be Creative

Don’t forget that streetwear is also about having fun and experimenting, so don’t be afraid to try some wild pieces too. However, you have to make sure that you integrate them sensibly into your wardrobe. You want to understate the weirdness. Have a few outlandish pieces out there, but make it a sensible fit. You don’t want it to look jarring or clunky.

Do Get the Right Haircut

It’s crazy how a haircut can completely transform your look. Some clothing will also look very different, depending on your hair cut. For instance, not everyone can pull a baldie wearing a long T. This is why you have to take your haircut into consideration and make sure that you go with the right barber as well. Yes, you might be used to the one you’re going to, but going the extra mile and instead visiting a stylist might be just what you needed to take your style to the next level.

Wearing streetwear doesn’t have to be complicated. As a matter of fact, streetwear was made to be easy. So, don’t be afraid to explore your options and start integrating streetwear elements into your style little by little. Then, you’ll be able to go for some more daring pieces.



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