The weather was great at the Toronto Festival of Beer as we had tons of fun in the sun with beer, girls, food trucks and good tunes.  This must be the most highly-anticipated and well-attended annual beer celebration in Toronto.  Indicative of the demand is the speed at which it sells out.  Attending this beer event on the Friday or Saturday requires your commitment months in advance as it sells out quickly.

Our favourites, which we rarely get into trying, include Paulaner, Erdinger, Shocktop, Flying Monkey’s Hoptical Illusion, and some of our usual go-to favourites include Mill Street’s Tankhouse Ale and Heineken.

Endless varieties of beer are the main attraction but with all that beer consumption we were glad to find one of our favourite food pastimes, Smoke’s Poutinerie. Another surprise which offered great value was Melt Grilled Cheese where we opted for the 3-cheese variety.  It was obvious it was good and others could tell as there were multiple inquiries as to where we got this square of delicious cheesy-grillness.  Other yummy food choices include Fidel Gastro’s (who recently announced their TV show) and the new pop-up The Feasting Room.

For Sunday the main attraction for us was Big Wreck, a classic band that brought back the good ol’ days that didn’t seem so long ago.  It was a solid performance that was definitely a great highlight to end the 3-day event.

ABOUT Toronto Festival of Beer

Toronto’s Festival of Beer is a celebration of Canada’s rich brewing history, hosted by experts of the brewing craft from around the world. Featuring 200+ brands onsite, this is Canada’s premier celebration of the golden beverage!

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