Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

If you’re an NFL fan in Toronto, there’s probably no better way to enjoy the full experience of the Superbowl than official party hosted by the NFL itself. Featuring 100 HD screens throughout the Sound Academy, as well as NFL’s Tim Brown and Brian Westbrook and the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. During commercial breaks there were a bunch of activities happening on stage (yes, to the background of Canadian TV commercials on the big screen). It is what it is. NFL prizes were given out including the opportunity to win entry into the VIP lounge with its own bar, Pinty’s wings and exclusive meet and greets with some Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. Brian Westbrook came up for photo opportunities as well. Overall, it was a great way for Superbowl fans to experience the Superbowl in all of it’s glory. Well done! Whether you missed it or not, watch for this again next year.


Pinty's Wing Eating Contest

Pinty’s Wing Eating Contest


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