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Running on it’s 19th year, it was another well-attended 3 days of the annual Toronto Festival of Beer, one of the largest celebrations of beer in Canada with over 200 beer brands to sample at Exhibition Place. Even with the popularity of the festival, the beer prices are a pretty good value (when you don’t count the admission fee). You can fill your glass beer mug for $2 at almost all the beer booths. I was satisfied for a whole day of light sampling with just a pack of 20 tokens for $20. Compare that to other alcohol-centric festivals that charge admission and $8-10 per drink. It was a great deal when I was there in 2011 and a nice patron sold me his bag of tokens for a discount because he was leaving.

Highlights included cooking demos with Rock Lobster and Fidel Gastros among others. There was also live music on the main stage with De La Soul on Friday, The Spin Doctors on Saturday and Big Sugar on Sunday. Big Sugar is amazing live by the way, in case you didn’t already know. Great band for hot summer weather like at a beer festival. I got to see them in concert at Sound Academy last year.

The Mill Street tent always has great busker entertainment, too. What I also like about beer fest is being able to try my usual favourites (Erdinger, Pilsner Urquell and Mill Street’s Tankhouse) while also tasting roads less traveled.

Also it was nice running into Kevin Brauch aka the one and only The Thirsty Traveller from The Food Network who was generous enough to offer me his last 2 beer tokens in his pocket. Drinks on me next time!

Kevin Brauch, The Thirsty Traveller

Kevin Brauch, The Thirsty Traveller

Big Sugar

Big Sugar


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About Toronto’s Festival of Beer:
Toronto’s Festival of Beer is a celebration of Canada’s rich brewing history, showcasing experts of the brewing craft from around the world. Featuring more than 200 brands, Toronto’s Festival of Beer is Canada’s premier celebration of the golden beverage.

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