The AGO MASSIVE party lived up to it’s name once again in it’s 11th year opening the doors for a massive after dark art party at the Art Gallery of Ontario on April 23rd, 2015.

And it was a line-up outside the door for ticket holders as the AGO let in 1,900 art lovers and partygoers who were lucky enough to buy a coveted ticket to this sold out or nearly sold out affair.

This year the party was dubbed “HOTBED” and curated by TALWST, this year’s artistic director of AGO Massive 2015.

“The artists and performers featured in this year’s Massive Party share a common trait – they are all on the verge of international acclaim. These are tomorrow’s stars and influencers, and Toronto is the new hotbed for talent,” said TALWST. “The AGO’s Basquiat exhibition is evidence of how rare it is to find a hotbed. I hope guests will consider Massive Party their opportunity to travel back in time, and to recognize that Basquiat’s microcosm is around us now; to meet the Grace Joneses, Madonnas and Keith Harings of our time.”

Once inside there’s a variety of art installations explore throughout and it was quite a trek trying to reach them all in one night but that’s part of the adventure.


HOTBEDANDBREAKFAST by Chloe Wise upstairs at AGO's Baillie Court

HOTBEDANDBREAKFAST by Chloe Wise upstairs at AGO’s Baillie Court


Even the Jean-Michel Basquiat: Now’s the Time exhibition was available to AGO Massive guests. And it’s definitely an interesting way to experience exhibitions, with drinks and music and your closest (or newest) friends.




Proceeds from Massive Party support the AGO’s exhibitions and education programs.

Be sure to save up and get your ticket for next year’s AGO Massive Party.

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Photos by Nick Lee

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