Morals Village’s heats up this winter season with their Szechuan-influenced hotpot restaurant at its new location in Toronto’s Chinatown.

Morals Village integrates their well-renowned culinary and dining franchise from China in an “East Meets West” experience. Essentially, hotpot cooking, a Chinese tradition that dates back thousands of years, is combined with what we are familiar with; all you can eat and the western certified Angus Beef brand. What makes this internationally recognized Asian cuisine distinct is how it highlights each of China’s regions by re-creating their respective broth flavours, ingredients, and dipping sauces. This totals up to 11 broths, 82 all you can eat items, 7 upgrade options – including wagyu beef & snow crab leg, and 15 dipping sauces, for a truly customizable and personalized dining experience.

A soupbase (or two for a split pot), with 10 Year Special Spicy and Mountain Cliff Wild Mushroom Soupbases being some of their more popular ones, boils in your very own “hot pot” over a sleek ceramic stove with a Chinese character meaning “good conduct” on it. Leek sauce, sesame oil garlic sauce, and satay sauce are a few sauces you can mix together at their self-serve station, with green onion and parsley as toppings to taste. Spring rolls and deep fried buns with milk sauce are sides you can help yourself out to, as well.

The all you can eat items vary in terms of thinly sliced meats, seafood, vegetables, and so much more. Many are made in-house, such as the noodles, squid/fish/shrimp paste, and the vanilla ice cream.

Even their drink menu is extensive – some favourites include freshly pressed watermelon juice as well as kiwi juice – which are much needed during a steaming hot meal.

With such quality top-notch options to choose from, China’s largest hot pot chain is set on expanding to Waterloo (to open in March), Mississauga, and Ottawa, so that fellow Canadians everywhere can soon experience the traditional and gourmet flavours of Szechuan.

Adult: $25.99
Senior: $19.99
Child (under 13): $13.95
Weekends: +$2.00
Open 4pm-12am daily

For more information:
436 Dundas St. W
Instagram: @moralsvillagehotpot
Twitter: #moralsvillage
Facebook: /moralsvillage

Photos by Nick Lee

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