We were given the Ford Fiesta out for a weekend of food and fun. Check out our adventures exploring all sorts of gems in the city.

This agile, small car was great at taking turns and maneuvering through the city’s streets. The one we got came loaded with premium features including sunroof, media console (with obligatory bluetooth, thank you very much), and even a rear view camera. Quite surprising for a car in this class. Great for running around the city. We noted that spending only $12 to fill the gas tank about halfway even with a heavy foot filled with 5 people. Not bad at all.

First night we went to a relatively new Shameful Tiki Room where we got transported to a tropical tiki experience complete with fog, tiki decor and bowls of giant concoctions and long straws. Great for a date night or entertaining a group of friends.

Volcano Bowl at Shameful Tiki Room

Volcano Bowl at Shameful Tiki Room


The next day we visited High Park where it was well attended as all enjoyed the sunny weather. We parked further away on side streets – quite a walk but turned out to be more convenient than being stuck in the bumper to bumper traffic through the park. It was a great time with lots of food, laughs and friends in a picnic setting.

Meeting up with some friends at High Park

Meeting up with some friends at High Park

Then on our last day of our Fiesta weekend we did it up big as we packed the car full of friends and started the day off with a big brunch at Union on Ossington. They have a great cozy open backyard and the ingredients were fresh and cooked to perfection. Of course everyone had to take photos.

Brunch at Resposado

Brunch at Resposado


Then we all hopped back into the car to get into the middle of Kensington Market for a nice stroll through Pedestrian Sundays. While we were already full, there’s always room for dessert so we headed to Millie Creperie for a Japanese style parfait desserts complete with corn flakes and Pocky sticks.

Millie's Creperie in Kensington Market

Millie’s Creperie in Kensington Market


After we got our dessert fix, we all hopped into the Fiesta for an excursion to the Upper Beaches area. I first discovered the Glen Stewart Ravine last year and I was excited to bring friends over to this hidden gem. It makes for a great mini-escape for us city dwellers. Do check it out.

Glen Stewart Ravine

Then we ended our night with a perfect summer evening at a bustling rooftop, Oasis at Wayne Gretzky’s. Definitely check it out and say hello to Chef Andres Marquez, who’s running the new Taqueria menu up there. Be sure to try the Great Juan Taco and “Fish Tacos” served with custom Pico de Gallo. They also have refreshing mojito and margarita popsicles, perfect for a hot summer day on a rooftop.

It was a great weekend and fun to see how many neighbourhoods we could visit in one weekend with everyone’s busy schedules. Thanks, Ford!

Ciao Fiesta, thanks for a great weekend!

Ciao Fiesta, thanks for a great weekend


Photos by James Shay

Chihuly at the ROM
Dining at the new Lbs Restaurant

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