NeNe Chicken, where “Ne” meaning “yes” in Korean, is South Korea’s largest fried chicken chain, which first opened in 1999. With over 1200 locations, stretching from Australia to the United Arab Emirates, they will be opening their newest location in Toronto!

The store has already experienced much success in their two Vancouver locations, where with minimal marketing, customers lined up for a couple blocks on their grand opening day. They had to upgrade their deep fryers shortly after opening to accommodate the high demand. More impressively, they sell 500 kilograms worth of chicken, never frozen, per day. What makes Korean fried chicken so popular is that the fried batter of the skin is thinner and crispier than other fried chicken recipes.

Nene Chicken has a variety of options, including bone-in, boneless, wings, and drumsticks, and eight sauces to choose from. Some customer favourites are “swicy”, a combination of sweet and spicy, “creamyon”, a creamy onion sauce, and “snowing chili chicken”, a chicken coated with spicy cheese powder. You can even upgrade to “family size” which comes with one kilogram of chicken.

A refreshing wasabi mustard sauce drizzled over a heaping mountain of green onion chicken


Soy garlic, a sweet soy sauce and garlic mix


Toronto will be the first location out of all the franchises to have this minimalistic yellow print on their boxes. The boxes, resembling pizza boxes, are innovative, with sections to hold a drink, finger gloves, and moist towelettes.

Nene Chicken’s store will be located at 4891 Yonge Street, near Yonge and Finch, which is Toronto’s go-to destination for Korean Food. During their grand opening on December 10th, this globally recognized fried chicken shop will be giving away tasting boxes, coupons, and gifts. There will also be a lucky draw for a trip for two to South Korea!

Photos by Nick Lee
4891 Yonge Street
Instagram: @nenechickenontario
Facebook: /nenechickenontario

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