Winter in Toronto just got a whole lot more enchanting with the arrival of WinterViews, presented by RendezViews, an immersive cottage retreat experience that combines the warmth of cozy communal cabins, the thrill of skating, and a delightful array of food and drinks from the team at Selva. Nestled against the iconic backdrop of the CN Tower, WinterViews promises a unique and unforgettable winter wonderland escape.

Ice Skating:

Wednesday through Saturday, from 5-9pm, the ice at WinterViews comes alive with the magic of skating on their synthetic ice rink decorated with two Christmas trees in the middle. The space is enclosed with lego-like recyclable wood blocks. Toronto’s largest Glice Eco Rink can operate in most weather conditions! Skate rentals are free!

Cabin Options:

1) Cabin Dining for Two –
Priced at $150 for two people, this package includes cabin rental, dinner for two, 4 beverages, and a campfire s’mores kit. Choose from gourmet platters featuring charcuterie, DIY tacos, sliders, or BBQ, all while enjoying the warmth of your cabin’s fireplace. For odd-numbered parties, add $75 for each additional guest’s food and beverage.

2) Casual Cabin Group Reservations –
For a $50 cabin rental fee and a minimum spend of $200 on drinks and snacks for the whole party, enjoy a laid-back hangout session in your own private cabin/ Each cabin accommodates up to 9 guests for a 2-hour and 30-minute seating, offering exclusive use of one cabin, complete with games, disco, karaoke, and a firepit. Children get free admission.

Escape the ordinary this winter and embrace the warmth of WinterViews. Whether you’re twirling on the ice, indulging in a private dining experience, or enjoying a casual cabin hangout, WinterViews promises a magical escape with the CN Tower as your majestic backdrop. Make Toronto fun again and immerse yourself in the winter charm of RendezViewsTO’s WinterViews.

Cover Photo by RendezViews
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