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Winter in Toronto just got a whole lot more enchanting with the arrival of WinterViews, presented by RendezViews, an immersive cottage retreat experience that combines the warmth of cozy communal cabins, the thrill of skating, and a delightful array of food and drinks from the team at Selva. Nestled against the iconic backdrop of the CN Tower, WinterViews promises a unique and unforgettable winter wonderland escape. Ice Skating: Wednesday through Saturday, from 5-9pm, the ice at WinterViews comes alive with…

The Wine Academy

Walking along Richmond St, I’m standing in front of two towering wooden doors. Unassuming and a contrast to the rest of the street, we were at the right location. Launched in June, The Wine Academy offers something unique in Canada, a not-so-average hideaway from the bustling city streets, especially in the downtown core where space is limited. Being part of the member’s club provides a place to enjoy wine, network, socialize and the ability to store your wine.