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Chef Matt Basile with Open Wines at Lisa Marie Restaurant

Open Wines were featured at the #BeOpen dinner party at the Lisa Marie Restaurant on 638 Queen Street West on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015. Open Wines, in concert with Matt Basile of Fidel Gastros food truck and owner of Lisa Marie Restaurant (and from the show Rebel Without a Kitchen on the Cooking Channel), created an intimate wine and food pairing event that hit all the right notes.

Melissa Grelo, Zolo World, Karine Delage

I was lucky to be allowed the opportunity to be at the Open Wines party at the new venue above SPIN at King West called 2nd Floor. Activities at the Open Wines party included playing with NFC bracelets and NFC wine glasses (which to my geeky delight, triggered an automatic tweet personalized to your twitter handle via the “Bird Box”), ping pong, choosing temporary tattoos from Tattly (Brooklyn, NY), as well as Chef John Placko’s donuts topped with whipped cream…