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Crispy Eryngii Mushrooms, Emerald Kalettes, Garlic, Lemon, Herbs, Parmigiano and Sweet Chili Glaze

On June 18th, foodies and bike enthusiasts alike descended on Böehmer Restaurant in the hip Ossington neighbourhood for a special U-Feast Chef Concert Series dinner. On this night, a seven course, Mediterranean-style extravaganza would be enjoyed by the guests, prepared by two amazing chefs.

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Imagine this… it’s a rainy morning, and you’re late for work. You’ve made a mad dash to your favourite cafe and ordered a coffee to go. Now you’re fumbling through your wallet to find change, all the while balancing your umbrella in one hand and adjusting your laptop bag over your shoulder. Is there a better way to settle payment without all the fuss?

Boehmer’s had an invite-only event to celebrate another succcessful year with Chef Paul Boehmer and friends.  Fellow foodies and wine lovers were treated to cocktails (“Pimm’s Cup” was the delicious cocktail of the night) and a delicious variety of hors d’oeurves including oysters but the surprise delight of the night was the grilled octopus. Many thanks for allowing us to be there and have another successful year! For more information visit www.boehmer.ca