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Lobster and Pea Agnolotti with Atlantic lobster, fennel, and spring pea

If you’re looking for something different from a typical restaurant experience (reservations, dinner, ordering the usual, safe favourites), then check out U-Feast. It’s new to Toronto and it off special unique off menu dining experiences that has newly landed in Toronto.

For example, here we checked out a U-Feast dining experience featuring a “greatest hits” of Campagnolo, celebrating their most popular dishes in the past 5 years. Campagnolo is an Italian restaurant on College Street and is also rated as one…

Campagnolo's Chef Craig Harding discusses his experience with the Samsung Gear S.

For something different, I was part of an interesting and intimate cooking meets wearable tech lunch event hosted by Samsung Canada on February 5, 2015. While we got briefed on the culinary session with Campagnolo’s owner, Chef Craig Harding, we tried the soon to be released, duo Samsung Galaxy Note Edge smartphone and also the Samsung Gear S wristband.