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Toronto graffiti artist Elicser Elliott with our Natalie Korol and her personalized kicks

With just one look, so many around the world will recognize your feet, whether you’re in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Buenos Aires or Capetown. Young or old, wealthy or poor, artists, athletes, bankers or high school kids, everyone knows them and, nearly everyone has, or will, at least once in a lifetime, own a pair of these. What makes these shoes so special?

Aurelio Montes Jr. | Photo: Nick Lee

On Tuesday, March 3rd we visited the Gladstone Hotel for an exclusive tasting of Chilean wines from Montes Wines. Celebrating its 25th anniversary just last year, we had the special privilege of having winemaker Aurelio Montes Jr. lead us through the tasting, and talk about the past, present, and future of Montes Wines.

Photo: John Tan

In its 12th year, Gladstone Hotel has unveiled the Come Up To My Room 2015 exhibition featuring a curated collection of intriguing alternative design installations. Last night was the kickoff of 10 days of CUTMR 2015.

"Saucy Rib 'Nibblers" made with Ontario lamb ribs, sweet hoisin BBQ sauce, sprinkles of sesame seed and celeriac slaw

The Queen West area and the Gladstone Hotel itself are known to be bustling with art exhibitions, events and live-music, and in that same spirit, the liveliness of the choices in this new menu also come out in that same fashion.