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At every turn, you’re greeted with an abundance of smiles, waves, and hellos. Is this some far away land? No, it isn’t Oz per say, but rather 1 ½ hours just southwest of Toronto. And, no, there is no ulterior motive to their welcoming exchange; they’re not trying to get you to buy or sign up for something, this is just the town of Stratford’s natural demeanour. The folks here are just so darned friendly! It…

Mercer Hall

On our first night in downtown Stratford ahead of the Savour Stratford culinary food festival, we decided to visit Mercer Hall Restaurant for dinner.

The charming space, which also doubles as an inn on the second floor, carried a slight air of confidence with its high ceilings and glittering chandeliers, all the while maintaining a welcoming demeanour; case in point, the cozy banquettes that lined the walls and the warm chocolate brown glass case which stocked the restaurant’s wines.

On Thursday, Friday…

Stratford, Ontario is known not only for its theatrical and artistic flair, but it’s been widely heralded as a culinary destination for food lovers alike. After all, this little gem houses the renowned Stratford Chefs School; many talented individuals have passed through its studious kitchens and the rigorous standards upheld by their Chef instructors. Alumni such as Top Chef Canada winner Carl Heinrich have marked their place in the culinary echelons of this ever evolving industry.