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The Exhibition Place welcomes Toronto’s only hotel, Hotel X Toronto, on the West end of the lakefront where the 30-floored property provides a multi-faceted experience to their guests. Hotel X aims to offer lavish accommodations with refreshing new views, exceptional hospitality, and impeccable venue spaces for events and weddings. The incorporation of Ten X Toronto (a 90,000 square foot athletic facility home to 4 tennis courts, 9 squash courts, a 50 foot pool, 4 group fitness studios), spacious theatre…

There’s a lot to love about Toronto. That being said, it’s ok to get away once in a while.

That’s where Exodus Las Vegas comes in for all you jetsetters: featuring 5 nightclubs, 4 pool parties all available to you with your All Access Pass.

It goes down May 14-18, 2015, all day and all night with over 3,000 attendees expected.

Chef Nina Compton finishing the Cocoa Tea Martini

Saint Lucia. A tropical country found in the Caribbean waters, nestled between Martinique and St. Vincent. You’ve probably heard of Saint Lucia, but truthfully, how much do you really know about it? This was the purpose of a moonlight dinner – hosted by the culinary ambassador of Saint Lucia, and Top Chef Season 11 runner-up, Chef Nina Compton at the St. James Cathedral’s Deanery – to promote tourism for this island gem. And what better way…

You can get a taste of many of Montreal’s best restaurants during MTL à TABLE, Montreal’s 3rd annual restaurant week. It’s fast approaching starting from Oct 30th to Nov 9th with over 135 restaurants participating with delectable set menus.

Parking the Audi S5 Cabriolet in front of Deerhurst Resort in Bracebridge. Photo snapped with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

It was an absolute dream to drive a 2014 Audi S5 Cabriolet in blazing red. Usually I wouldn’t want red for being too showy but this car certainly warrants the attention. It’s a sporty yet very refined convertible with a supercharged engine producing a whopping 333 hp with only 3.0L of displacement. Audi boasts that this is V8 power with the efficiency of a V6 engine.

Stratford, Ontario is known not only for its theatrical and artistic flair, but it’s been widely heralded as a culinary destination for food lovers alike. After all, this little gem houses the renowned Stratford Chefs School; many talented individuals have passed through its studious kitchens and the rigorous standards upheld by their Chef instructors. Alumni such as Top Chef Canada winner Carl Heinrich have marked their place in the culinary echelons of this ever evolving industry.

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