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Cotechino and rapini on crostini

Porzia launched its new spring food and cocktail menu to a packed house on April 15th.  Chef Basilio Pesce constructed a new menu that is fresh and flavourful and balanced, suited for the warm weather to come.  We visited to sample some of the new items, and did not leave disappointed.

Fresh Veggie Chips including colored beets, heirloom carrots, and radish

Although SPiN is best known for their ping pong centrally located downtown at King West, they have a lot of emphasis on good, shareable food that is great for pairing with all that ping pong with your friends. I first noticed this attention to good food at a corporate party at SPiN last year, with interesting food and presentation.  This isn’t typical bar food!  So it was flattering to be one of the first to sample the new menu with…