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When you get an invite to dinner hosted by Top Chef Canada: All-Star’s winner, Nicole Gomes, you know you’re in for a heart-warming celebration. The evening began with our very own cooking competition at Nella Cucina; to help the co-owner of Cluck ‘n Cleaver prepare dessert. With all the ingredients for a rum and almond bread pudding, we ground up almonds into butter, spread the paste among layers of bread rounds and handed it off to the professionals to bake…


When one thinks of France, two things inevitably come to mind – food and wine. On April 1st, we had the opportunity to sip and savour France – with a selection of wines from Barton & Guestier, paired with French cuisine we would prepare under the guidance of the chefs from Nella Cucina.


Photography by Flora Tran There is a new craze in the culinary world, many call it molecular cuisine. It is experimental cooking that focuses on the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients. Fortunately, Flora and I had the privilege to experience this modern method of cooking with Chef John Placko on October 24 at one of Nella Cucina’s culinary workshop sessions. Molecular cuisine is all about manipulating the senses. Familiar food is presented in an unfamiliar and unexpected way so…