We were excited to be at the Tundra because our friend would be there: Tundra executive sous chef, Eraj Jayawickreme.  The award-winning Tundra restaurant in the Hilton Hotel was renovated and reopened and we had the opportunity to be part of the opening festivities to enjoy this great venue featuring designs from the Montreal-based design firm, Lemaymichaud, that allows patrons to socialize in a chic environment in the new lobby bar with a new concept focused on Canadian ingredients.

The entrance to Tundra features a large, intricate sphere carved from a single piece of Vancouver Island red cedar by west-coast artist Brent Comber.  Glass panels etched with a satellite image of Northern Quebec’s Ungava Bay.

At the entrance of Tundra you will find a sphere made from a single piece of Vancouver island red cedar

“One of our mandates was to craft different ambiences”, says lead designer, Louise Dupont. “So there’s one by the window where you can kick back. Another is around the bar and long table where people can be part of the action and see everything that’s going on. The restaurant is more about being cosseted in a fine dining environment. The Canadian elements may be subtle but they’re helping to make Tundra unique.”

The overall ambiance of Tundra is warm and inviting.

Draperies and freestanding movable walls act as dividers to provide flexibility ranging from large functions to intimate gatherings.

Bites include a foamy cloud of buffalo mozzarella topped with pine-nut brittle and a crunchy cylindrical helping of crabmeat topped with Old Bay remoulade and oven-dried tomatoes.

Buffalo mozzarella topped with pine-nut brittle

The most appealing bite of the night was the lobster mac and cheese. The seared scallop was great as well.

Seared scallop

Entertainment came from jugglers, ribbon twirlers and a fire-eating lady.

Ketel One Vodka martini

The evening then led us to the the 32nd floor penthouse for desserts to end the evening on a sweet note.

About Tundra

Tundra incorporates as many inspiring elements of the landscape as possible.  The colours and lighting are subdued and evocative of the natural features of the country we love most.  Fresh, innovative design is inspired by the untamed Canadian landscape enhancing the award-winning creative, cutting-edge cuisine.  Tundra offers seasonal menus using the freshest locally sourced ingredients making each dining experience unique throughout the year.  Reservations can be made via OpenTable.com or by emailing the restaurant directly at tundra.toronto@hilton.com.  Reservations may also be made over the phone by dialing (416) 860-6800.

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