On a beautiful, warm Wednesday afternoon, Nick and I attended the Acadia Restaurant in little Italy for Beaujolais Wine Council’s wine tasting and luncheon. We tasted 12 different wines paired with a five course meal courtesy of Acadia Restaurant.


We started with the white wine – Château des Jacques, Beaujolais, Grand Clos de Loyse, 2010(#1). It was fruity and delicate with a dry finish. I enjoyed drinking it on its own.

First course: Creole Shrimp on top of Anson Mills Grits
Wines: Georges Dubceuf FUN Beaujolais (#1), 2009 and Louis Jadot (#2), Beaujolais-Villages Commbe aux Jacques, 2011(#3).


This classic creamy and savoury New Orleans BBQ dish was best paired with the fresh and fruity Beaujolais-Villages Combe aux Jacques (#3).

Second course: Piri Piri Chicken Leg and Yogurt
Wines: Bouchard Aîné& Fils, Beaujolais Supérieur, 2011 (#4), Jacques Dépagneux, Morgon, Côte du Py, 2011 (#5), and Joseph Burrier, Saint-Amour, Côte de besset, 2009 (#6).


Tender chicken with yogurt? I raised my eye brow in a good way because as strange as the name sounds, it tasted absolutely delicious. Dry, fruity and velvety tannins of the Jacques Dépagneux, Morgon, Côte du Py (#5) balanced out the juicy chicken and creamy yogurt. As if it was match made in heaven!

Third course: Grilled Eggplant Peanut with Coconut & Curry Condiment

Wines: Château de Pierreux, Brouilly, 2011 (#7), Villa Ponciago, Fleurie La Réserve, 2011 (#8), Georges Duboeuf, Beaujolais-Villages, 2010 (#9)


Although the eggplant was plain, the curry gave this dish a punch of flavour. The best wine to complement this dish was Château de Pierreux (#7) because it was floral and soft on the palate.

Korean short rib with crispy rice, sesame and chili

Korean short rib with crispy rice, sesame and chili

Fourth course: Korean Short Rib Crispy rice, Sesame & Chili
Wines: Domaine Manoir Du Carra, Juliénas, 2010 (#10), Domain du Carra, Juliénas, 2010 (#11), Domaine Piron-Lameloise, Chénas, Quartz, 2009 (#12)
The meat was so tender that I barely used a knife. It was savoury which matched nicely with the Les Trois Roches (#11). The wine has a velvety and suave texture and ends with spicy vanilla notes.


As for the dessert, the presentation was elegant and pretty. The dark chocolate ganache was so sweet on the tongue that I was gulping down water so I just ended up eating only the Chantilly cream which I thought was delicious.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Anthony Collet, Chef Patrick Kriss and all the staff at the Acadia Restaurant for this exclusive experience. The food tasted great, the wines were fabulous, the sunshine and warm breeze could not be more perfect for this amazing spring luncheon.


The French wines of the Beaujolais region are made from handpicked Gamay grapes. The region is best known for its light red wines, which taste great chilled and offer a refreshing flavor profile. A small amount of French white wine and pink rosé is also made in the Beaujolais region. Try the best tasting light red wines this summer – any Beaujolais wine makes an ideal warm weather vintage!


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