After the opening of Canada’s 2nd Smoke’s Burritorie restaurant in Canada half a year ago, they have rolled out more varieties of burritos available to order recently. They are conveniently located on the lower level of Smoke’s Poutinerie in the Entertainment District, where much of the interior is painted guacamole green.

Being a fanatic of their poutinerie, Smoke’s Burrito is no different when it comes to variety, especially with their new menu. The healthiest menu item of them all is the “Saddle Up” customized burrito. There is an option between 10″ Grande ($7.49) and 12″ Mucho Grande ($8.99) sizes, but if you want to skip the potential messiness, like myself, opt for the Bowl ($8.99). Mix and matching the fillings goes in the order of rice (lime cilantro or kickass), beans (black or refried), meat (chicken, steak, chorizo, pulled pork), vegetables, and sauces. There is even a vegetarian option of glazed yams as well. The best part of it is the “Crunch It!” topping selection where you can add Hickory Sticks, Tortilla Chips, Potato Chips and Crispy Onions to the mix. It’s a simple ingredient, but adds a lot of excitement into the meal.

Smoke’s sauces to add into the burrito range from mild to spicy: Fiesta (citrus salsa with a subtle heat of fresh chili), Fresca (tomato and cilantro lime salsa), Carne Asada (roasted pepper and onion salsa), Salsa Verde (green salsa with a hint of garlic, fresh cilantro, and jalapenos) & Freakin’ Hot Sauce (spicy Sriracha style hot sauce).

If that was not enough sauces, their newly built self-serve sauce bar has me even more impressed. These sauces are Coconut Curry, Honey Mustard, Frank’s Original, Chicken N Rib, Tobasco, Buffalo Wing, Cayenne Hot Sauce, Jerk, Szechwan, Cajun, Curry Pineapple, Butter Chicken, Teriyaki, Lime Tequila BBQ, Sweet Chili, Ginger Zesty Orange, Pepita Mole Mex, Honey Garlic, and Plum Sauce. Curry Pineapple and Ginger Zesty Orange are super unique and the tastiest of them all in my opinion. The sauce bar provides endless possibilities for dipping their Cigar Burritos (3 for $4.99) into, a mini burrito using the same meats as “Saddle Up” with melted cheese oozing out.

20 Sauces at the Self-Serve Bar

20 Sauces at the Self-Serve Bar


I also got to try their “Whacked Out” Burrito varieties ($7.50), where essentially cultural-inspired dishes are rolled up. Depending on the popularity or season, these burritos will change from time to time. Although chicken & waffle has a delicious warm maple butter sauce served over tender shredded fried chicken, waffles, and scrambled eggs, for me, it comes second to the tomatoey goodness of spaghetti & meatball where it is wrapped up with roasted red peppers and parmesan cheese.

Warm Maple Butter Syrup poured over the Chicken & Waffle Burrito

Warm Maple Butter Syrup poured over the Chicken & Waffle Burrito

Smoke’s Burrito is a great fast-food diner that has both hearty and heart-disease inducing options for cheat days. I’ll definitely be back for their rotational “Wacky” Burritos, like the poutine burrito – a flavourful potato fusion of their famous cheesy gravy fries and a mash potato casserole – to satisfy my carb cravings, if not to watch someone boldly take on the Death Sauce Challenge.

For more information:
218 Adelaide St. W
Instagram: #SmokesBurritorie
Twitter: @SmokesBurrito
Facebook: /Smoke’s Burritorie

Photos by Janey Tso

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